Website Custom Audiences Based on Facebook Pixel Events

One major advantage of Facebook pixel is it is possible to track and later retarget the specific actions that are performed on your website.

Audience can be segmented in very specific ways depending on page views, purchases, registration, searches and much more.

Let us find out as to why and how these audiences can be created. First, we will take a look at the basics. Later on, we take a look at some of the examples in which audience segment can be created.

What are Pixel Events?

We assume that Facebook Pixel is already installed on every page of your website. In order to capture and track the details of an event, you can add code to particular pages.

Along with the tracking and optimizing power of pixel events, audiences can be created for those where certain events can be performed on your website for the purpose of target Facebook ads that are highly relevant.

In case you are not using pixel or you are using pixel, but do not have event, there will be a limitation with respect to different pixel-related audiences that can be created.

Are You Using Events?

In case you are not sure whether you are using events or not, than it is quite likely that you are not using it.

You can go to the “Pixels” area of your Ads Manager, than click on the “Set Up” button that is visible on the far right….

In case you use a tag manager or certain integration than you can click that option. There is also an option to install the code yourself manually.

This is how the pixel can be installed. Complete explanation on how to do this is provided by Facebook . You need to ensure that the base pixel code is placed on each page of the website between the HEAD tags.

Events can be added in the second step. The documentation process has been improved by Facebook to keep things streamlined. You are only required to click the button adjacent to one of the events and put in the details and the event code will be provided by Facebook.

This is how the event code looks like when a “pixel-training” ID is purchased having a value of $100.

Instead of adding this code manually, users may also want to install a WordPress plugin. They can install Pixel Caffeine, which is available for free.

Audiences from Your Pixel Events

Let us assume that events and pixels are used by you on your website, through the Website Custom Audiences you can do some pretty cool things.

You can also click to create a Custom Audience….

After that select “Website Traffic”…..

It can be seen that audiences can now be created “from your events”…..

The events that will appear here will depend on the events that are found and used on the website.

Refine By Parameter

Once an event has been selected, a link with the name “refine by” can be seen with the first option of “Parameter / URL”. You can make special use of events by refining parameter.

Details of an event can be had from these parameters. For the purpose of purchase, parameters may contain things such as currency, value and number of items.

Refine By Aggregated Value

When you click to refine the second option is “Aggregated Value”.

This option will enable you to pick up audiences who did a certain action on a number of times. For example, you can make a collection of those people to came back a number of times to make a purchase of more than $1,000.


This is just the tip of the iceberg. There are numerous audiences that can be created depending on your activity on Facebook pixel. This article will help you understand the type of audiences that can be created.

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