Top Tips for Optimal Engagement on Your Facebook Page

Facebook is the undisputed biggest social network on the planet, but it does not mean that it is a dream solution for marketers.

It is important to analyze the performance of your page all the time and learn about every details of your campaign. A lot of money may also be required for investment in here.

After all these efforts, work and expenditure, there is one things that you just cannot overlook.

It is quite easy to overlook it, and it can result in deadly consequences.

When it comes to marketing on Facebook, there are tons of small things and plethora of work to look after. The fact is that, marketers have not yet fully discovered on how to optimize performance on Facebook.

Many time marketers raise the question on how to improve their marketing strategy on Facebook. But, it has been found in the majority of the cases, the problem is not with the marketing, but with the Facebook page itself.

I have come across many companies who splurge hundreds of thousands of dollars on marketing campaigns on Facebook. They organize interactive events, targeted ad campaigns and giveaways – the whole nine yards.

These companies who spend thousands on marketing, don’t bother to optimize their page in the right manner.

Your Facebook page should considered as the representation of the brand name of your company. This is how your company will be seen by other on Facebook.

It is because of this reason it is important that for maximum engagement the Facebook page should be optimized. It is only then coming visitors will be hooked from start till the end.

Let’s take you on a ride where you will learn on how to optimize your Facebook page from every aspect.

Before you can start, pull out your Facebook page first

  1. Your Cover Photo

Your cover photo is the first thing that is seen by your visitors when they come to your Facebook page. To make a first and lasting impression on your visitors it is important to have an awesome cover photo.

Picking a photo that you will use is both simple as well as complex. Selecting a photo that will immediately grab the attention of your visitors is no simple task.

These factors will help you select an ideal photo:

  • It should be visually appealing
  • Appeal with the emotions of visitors
  • A clear message is promoted
  • Relate it with a specific product or a brand in some way

Let’s take a look at the Facebook page of some famous companies and break them down to better understand things.

Here is a Facebook cover photo of Tazo Tea’s:



The color and design of this photo align with Tazo’s branding. It is vibrant and grabs the attention of visitors instantly, it is unobtrusive and simple.

By using text, this cover photo is promoting a message clearly. It makes for a good choice, in case you have a message or a slogan which you want to use. It tells about the your company and about you to the visitors before they click on the page.

The cover photo from Tazo is being used to welcome and greet visitors tot he page.

However, this is not the only thing that you can do with your Facebook cover photo. There are many more things with it.

Here is an example of cover photo of Nintendo:



This Facebook cover photo is also serving the purpose of an advertisement. The company is planning to launch a new game console, so the company wants everyone to be aware about it.

This cover photo sets an example that your Facebook page can be used for product demonstration as well. It provides a clear idea of the product.

It is a good idea to showcase your service or product through the Facebook cover photo, whether you are a local or a global businessman.

It is worth noting the CTA used by Nintendo just below this cover photo. It serves as a makeshift landing page and certainly it must be getting lot of conversion rate.

There are numerous other ways in which you can use your Facebook page. It can be used to promote a special offer or a contest. The only thing limiting you is your imagination.

  1. Your About Page

When people are looking for information about your company on Facebook, it is the ‘about’ section of your page that they will most likely go.

In all probability, the visitors coming to your website will bounce in case they do not get helpful and relevant information here.

Lets take the example of Facebook About page of Target:



We will take a look at this page and find out how optimized it is.

There are three sections in an appropriate About page which provide useful information. There can be more than three section, but a minimum of three sections is a basic requirement for optimization.

Before we move ahead, it is worth mentioning here that your page category will determine the kind of information you provide. In case something doesn’t match correctly, you can look for different option or section.

First is the section of Business Info. Here you can tell about your company and write about your mission statement.


This area is at the highest point of the About page, so you have to hit a grand slam here.

We should confront it––no one needs to peruse your organization’s history. They need to comprehend what your organization remains for and, at last, why they ought to be intrigued.

This is an incredible place to incorporate a short form of your image story. However, ensure that you include the client. How would they play into your fabulous vision?

On the off chance that somebody’s buy will help make your vision materialize, expressly say as much.

Target’s Business Info scrap does only this:


This is an awesome Business Info area. It gives the peruser a fundamental review of the organization and how to discover more about it.

In case you’re a littler or neighborhood business, you can utilize this area in the same correct way. Each organization, huge or little, needs a statement of purpose.

Coava Coffee, a café and roastery in Portland, Oregon, has a Story segment for a similar reason:

This tells the peruser what the organization remains for and what its esteems are.

Regardless of how you let it know, you require this data on your About page.

Next up is the Contact Info area. This is an unquestionable requirement have for your About page. On the off chance that somebody needs to visit your site or get in touch with you outside of Facebook, they have to know how to contact you.

Coava makes a brilliant showing with regards to of this:

It incorporates a telephone number, email, and site address. It’s all effectively open for everybody.

I would exceedingly prescribe at any rate giving a contact email or telephone number. Contact should alternatives somebody has, as much as possible.

This is another great spot to put your web-based social networking joins. (Bear in mind to urge individuals to tail you!)

At last, there’s the More Info segment. You can incorporate an assortment of data here.

  1. Your Sidebar Tabs

Last but not the least, the icing on the cake is provided by an eye-catching sidebar, when we talk of Facebook page optimization.

Your interaction with the visitors of your Facebook page will be affected considerable by the structure of sidebar. A good engagement can be easily turned into a great engagement with it.

The usual form of the sidebar is like this:

You’ve in all likelihood observed this area some time recently. Also, in the event that you have, you realize this is the standard Facebook sidebar. There’s nothing amiss with that, yet it’s not as well as could be expected be.

Facebook enables you to make custom tabs that give your page a one of a kind contort.

You can utilize these tabs to inspire individuals to agree to accept your email list, participate in a challenge and nearly whatever else you can consider.

How about we investigate Coava’s tabs:

This is a wonderful utilization of tabs to take a page to the following level. In the event that somebody is perusing Coava’s page and needs to play out a particular activity, they can do as such ideal from the tabs.

Consider the advantages: You can basically remove a whole stride (or more) from your client’s trip. You’re making it super simple for them to make whatever move you need them to.

There aren’t sufficient organizations pondering the impact of sidebar tabs on their Facebook pages and that is all the more motivation behind why you ought to.

Suppose that you need to include a sidebar tab that will take perusers to a blog on your Facebook page. (To make other sidebar tabs, you’ll experience a comparative procedure.)

In the first place, you’ll need to discover an application that does what you need. Here’s a rundown of 25 applications to kick you off.

For our situation, we’ll utilize Facebook’s Notes application to make a blog.


Advertisers frequently believe that promotions are the most ideal approach to use Facebook. I happen to surmise that Facebook promotions are a sensational approach to utilize Facebook.

Be that as it may, your Facebook page itself needs to sparkle, generally your advertisements will fall flat.

Your Facebook page is the thing that will decide your prosperity on the stage.

It’s an indispensable piece of your general computerized impression. On the off chance that your page isn’t improved, you won’t get the sort of results you need.

I’ll be honest––sometimes it’s hard for me to distinguish two Facebook pages one from the other. They all appear to be identical before long. Be that as it may, when one emerges, it truly emerges.

Your page must be one that truly emerges. Else, it’ll get lost among the a huge number of other Facebook pages.

I tell individuals all the time how capable a phenomenal Facebook page can be. The issue? Most organizations don’t set aside the opportunity to make their page astounding.

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