Top 3 Content Marketing Analysis Tools

I am the owner of a small business. Some time back I was working as an insurance agency owner. Finding leads for my business was a struggle, knocking from one door to another, asking people to buy life, home or auto insurance. I used almost every traditional marketing technique except for spending big money on radio and TV ads, something which is done by big companies.

Back in 2009, I used Google to search things, just like any of us. Once, when I searched for “how to rank higher on Google” and “how to get on Google”, I was left confused more than ever before. There was so much information available that it was almost impossible on what and whom to trust. Being a small business owner, just like many others, I was looking for things that are significantly low in price. My investment budget was only $400 a month.

The SEO company that I hired kept asking for money for almost three months, but I didn’t get any result. I had no idea about what is the ranking of my website or whether my website has been indexed at the first place or not. This bad experience made me to take matters in my own hand. I learned how to blog and content marketing. This is how I became an SEO guy. It was just out of necessity and self preservation.

As a DIY SEO and the owner of a startup business, there are certain things that I would like to know. These things include “What are my competitors doing?” and “What are the professionals using?”. Here is what I have found, hope it will help other fellow entrepreneur as well.

What Tools are the Professionals Using?

I do not have any favorite. Using a particular tool depends on the requirement and the kind of result that you are looking for.


There is no doubt that Ahrefs is a wonderful tool and it is famous for two things – the speed of development and the quality of data. They use a ton of resources to collect, store and process big data. Regardless of which Ahrefs tool set you use, you will always work with the best data. This is why it is being loved by so many people.

A number of small improvements are made here every week and one big update in a month. A new customer who signs up for Ahrefs service gets full value of the money spent and new things every month. The link data base of Ahrefs is massive and it can be used to find what other competitors are doing.


Content marketers will be able to create better content by using BuzzSumo. It has been found that the majority of the content get few links and fewer shares. This is because there is lack of research and planning before content is created.

BuzzSumo can help content marketers in finding out content that is popular among people, for instance, what is being shared by them, what is in trend today and this month. What headlines and content formats get the most results. What content of your competitors is shared the most and why.

You also need to amplify your content. BuzzSumo will also provide you data on who has amplified your content by linking and sharing. Who are the main authors and influencers for a topic. BuzzSumo will provide you with a list of all those who have shared your content.

The primary function of BuzzSumo is to serve as a content marketing idea tool, but it also has the capability to check backup links. It is because of this reason it a nicely laid out and powerful platform. It also provides alerts when a new content is published by your competitors, and when your brand name is mentioned and when your website or that of your competitor has been linked by someone.


Majestic is a tool that is used for link analysis and there are two main reasons for its popularity. The first is the Flow Metrics of the tool which is powerful yet quite simple, for every known page, link and website on the internet. The web crawl of this tool is quite massive and even bigger than many search engines.

The second is the price factor of this tool. The services that are provided by this tool is provided by its competitors are well, however, it provides these services at much lower cost. One unique feature of Majestic is its Clique Hunter tool which provides quick update on top 10 competitors and the domains that are in common.

In case all the links that they have is from Forbes, well, this means that you will have to find out a way to go past the Forbes. This concept is pretty easy, but it can be extremely helpful when you start a new campaign. When you know the relationships between you and your competitor than it will be easier for you to reach quickly where you want to reach.


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