Top 10 Tools to Manage Social Media Accounts

It takes more than 15 minutes a day to manage social media. This is true whether you have your own business or you work for a brand or agency.

The need to engage holds more importance than ever before. It is reason why 73% of customers will purchase from brands that are active on social media.

Keeping up with the engagement demand has become difficult even for the most experienced social media manages as they see Instagram changes into Facebook.

Your brand needs to be represented on these social media every day – engaging with and responding to all the users.

24 hours of a day will not be enough to do everything that is required in case you are not using tools to manage social media. Finding out new ideas for content and to keeping track of competitors activities also forms part of every day task.

The essence is to work in a smart way, not the hard way, to get the job done. Here we have picked up the most famous and practical social media management tools for you.

When you find out a new tool, it is better to sign up for a free trial and take the test drive first.

It is all about simplifying and improving social media life and everyone wants it.

1. Buzzsumo

It is the place to be in case you are falling short of new ideas. Buzzsumo is the perfect website to help generate new ideas for content and articles that you can share. All you need to do is type in the topic and see what they reply.

You can use various filters to shortlist content that you are looking for and want to share:

• Videos
• Infographics
• Articles
• Guest Posts
• Interviews
• Giveaways

This data can be exported and you can also set up alerts for daily ideas and inspiration.

Moreover, you can search and start following the key influencers by topics directly from Buzzsumo. Once you do so, you will be able to see what topics and content is shared by them most often and the domains from where they share these topics.

By using this tool you will be able to see the data of competitors and influencers and use it to your advantage.

2. MeetEdgar

Using MeetEdgar is a lot of fun. You can pick up topics such as humor, recipes or questions and schedule them to publish as and when you want.

Edgar only publishes content which it thinks is worthy of engagement. It adds a bit more fun to your social media calendar. MeetEdgar is a good solution in case you ever land into a content lull with social media.

A good feature of Edgar is that once you have defined and scheduled your favorite topic, it makes sure that you never fall short of engaging content. This means you are not required to pick and refill topics every other day. This is taken care by Edgar.

In case all the new topics have been shared, Edgar picks up old topics and re-share them to reach people who have missed them the first time around.

Social media has a limited amount of organic reach and there it is worth sharing your content second time around.

3. Post Planner

Post Planner is a famous social media content tool. To find out the type of content that is being shared around about a specific person or subject, you can search by:

• Keyword
• Trend
• Topic
• Hashtag
• Twitter Handle
• Facebook

You can explore new content ideas by searching through recommended feeds based on interests and industry.

You will also get performance engagement ranking for each piece of content from this tool. This algorithm is taken out through the custom algorithm of Post Planner and enables you to evaluate which posts are good for sharing.

Post Planner makes this determination by taking a look at the past performance and make prediction for future engagement that is particular to your audience.

4. Foursixty

Foursixty will be loved by Instagram users and e-commerce businesses. This tool has been designed specifically for online retailers who want to share content generated by users from Instagram on their website, which will enable to monitor their brand and increase sales.

the product displayed on Instagram can be changed and displayed on different shopping pages, email newsletter and on almost anywhere when code can be embed. Shoppers look at these images on Instagram and are encouraged to add more items on their cart.

Apart from increasing sales and UGC angle, Instagram posts can also be scheduled from the platform using Foursixty tool.

5. SEMrush

SEMrush without a doubt can be said to be one stop solution to all your social media requirements. Recently, they have made many enhancement in this field.

There expertise has been in SEO and keyword search, however, it also has more than 30 different features for social media marketers, link builders, content marketers, and almost every digital marketing requirement there is.

New features added by SEMrush recently enables to schedule and monitor social media posts.

Here is a brief look of what all is provided in here:

• Social Media Posters: This tool is brand new and it enables you to schedule, plan and create posts and analyze the performance on social media such as Twitter and Facebook.
• Social Media Tracker: It is an analytics of a different kind. Through Tracker you can analyze and track the activities of your competitors on social media. You can have a pretty good numbers on what all is being done by your competitors on social media.

6. Sprout Social

Sprout Social is a very popular social media tool and it being used by more than 19,000 companies such as VICE and Hyatt. Sprout is being used for:

• Engagement reports
• Social media scheduling
• Brand monitoring
• Analytics

Whether you are an agency managing multiple brands, a small business targeting a handful of social media networks, or an enterprise company looking for everything, Sprout Social will help you accomplish your daily social media goals and save considerable time.

7. Hootsuite

You can monitor, connect and schedule posts on 35 different social platform using Hootsuite. They are the biggest competitors of Sprout Social when it comes to social media management.

It is very rare that anyone will use both Sprout Social and Hootsuite together, this is because of the reason that both of them serve the same purpose.

Both these tools are fantastic and offer a number of features, but there are many similarities between them.

Apart from their similarities, there are a number of things that are unique in both of them.

• Hootsuite is available for free for 3 social media profiles. Sprout Social provides 30 days free trial period, after that you will have to swipe your credit card.
• When it comes to languages, Sprout Social is completely international, however, there are some limitations with Hootsuite.
• Hootsuite integrates with a huge list of programs such as SocialFlow, Marketo, and Salesforce. Sprout Social integrates with all the social media networks and just with five others except that.

8. SOCi

SOCi is one more great tool for scheduling on social media. What they offer is somewhat different from what is being offered by Sprout Suite and Hootsuite. It can be said to be an amalgamation of Sprout Social and Post Planner.

Content Center is one of the best features of SOCi. This tool uses a unique algorithm to tell you which content on social media is engaging and which is not. It provides recommendations and numerical score on what should be posted. It is quite similar to that of Post Planner.

Apart from providing content ideas and scheduling plans, SOCi also provides on lead generation, social reputation management, reporting and much more.

9. Social Bakers

This tool can be useful for every social media manager. Irrespective of what type of scheduling tool is being used, you will find the need to use this tool on a daily basis. Here you can get to know everything about social profiles.

By using Social Bakers, you can have real-time inputs for Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, YouTube and Pinterest. You can track share reports, engagement, and also view results of social advertising all at one place.

You can get many more things from this social media tool than just analytics. Reports can be generated to compare performance of nearly 10 industries or social media profile at any given time. This means you will be able to keep a check on industry and / or competitors’ social performance.

10. Buffer

Buffer is one of the most famous social media tools. With one simple click it is possible to schedule posts and share content on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google Plus, Pinterest and LinkedIn.

The whole point is, Buffer enables you to share your content throughout the day so that your social media profiles are consistently updated. Another handy feature is that, you can schedule ahead of time.

You an also create custom graphics by using Pablo Image Creator. You can check the reach and engagement of your post by using the analytics.

In case you work for or own a registered non-profit organization, you can also use Buffer. All registered non-profit organization are given 50% discount.


Efficiency is the name of the game, but you only have 24 hours at your disposal in a day. These 10 tools for managing social media accounts will enable you to work in a smart manner and utilize your time efficiently and effectively.

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