Top 10 SEO Tools to Boost Online Business

These top 10 SEO Tools to Boost Online Business are important to judge your website’s status on numerous parameters. These tools will help you in doing so

According to Search Engine Land, the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) industry is worth nearly $60 billion. This means that the contribution that can be made by SEO and the business that it can generate cannot be taken for granted.

Even those who are not related to technical world of digital marketing understands its importance and give due weight-age to search engine and online traffic.

There are many SEO tools available online that can give you a fair enough idea of the amount and kind of organic traffic that is coming to your website. Even with these tools, you will still have to work a lot to pick out things that are useful to you. Here is a list of top SEO tools given in the info-graphics for easy understanding:

Keyword Research

1. Google Keyword Planner

The Google Keyword Planner is a major component of the advertising platform from Google adwords. Users can search and analyze the keywords listed in here according to their search volume.

2. SEMrush


As the owner of a website or a SEO professional you may wish to know the ranking of your website in search engine. Get the latest information from this SEO tool such as ranking of your domain and the keywords that can bring in more traffic to your website.

3. Longtail PRO


You are not required to be a complete SEO professional in order to use this tool. The interface of this tool is quite straightforward and simple, which means almost anyone can use it. It doesn’t take much time to become familiar with the features available in here. This tool will you much more information than just about keywords, as a number of features are packed in this tool. What’s more, an online version of this tool is also available.

Technical SEO

4. Screaming Frog


The crawlers in Screaming Frog will scan through your entire website and will prepare a list of all the internal pages. It will keep a track on the outbound and inbound links on every page, the crawl level different elements of keywords such as description and title and the length of these keywords along with the status codes of HTTP. The latest version comes with a lot of amazing features and will be a delight to use.

5. Deep Crawl


This SEO tool features among the top of my favorite list. In case you want to get your website crawled at the deepest level than this SEO tool will do a fine job for you. What you will get is clear cut information and statistics on a wide variety of topics. The information provided is categorized into content validation universal, indexation and website explorer.

This SEO tool is quite incredible in assisting SEO professionals to track all the technical problems that may prevent them from getting better results in SERPs.

6. Woorank


This SEO tool will help you in finding out the SEO friendliness and of the websites and other aspects that are linked to it. Above all, you will not be charged anything for all this information. It analysis the websites on 50 different parameters automatically and in the end you will get SEO tips that will boost your online business.

Monitor and Analyze Backlinks

7. Ahrefs


This link search tool is being actively used by digital marketers across the globe. This famous SEO tool has been designed specifically to analyze the backlinks and SEO of a website. There are a number of websites that provide the same service, however, Ahrefs stands out among the lot. It is because it has the huge index, largest base of live links and the best speed of index updates.

8. Open Site Explorer


Open Site Explorer can be described as a search engine for links. This SEO tool has been developed by By using this tool you can track the links that are connected to your website. You will get information related to the number of domains, overall number of links that are connected, along with information on anchor text and other things.

9. Majestic


It is being claimed that Majestic has the largest database of Link Index on the planet. The Backlinks Checker Tool provided in here is second to none in the world.

10. Link Research Tools


This SEO tool can be described as a one size fits all thing or can be compared to that of a Swiss knife. There is no second thought that Link Research Tools is one of the best marketing tools available on the internet. The features that are available in here include re-crawling, 24 sources, and validation of all links.

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