Tips to Make Your Content Marketing Profitable

Let us hear the plain truth: creating content consistently can be a huge pain.

Trust me, I have experienced it.

I have been blogging on nearly daily basis on my website and till now I have more than 4,000 posts to my name. During this period I have experienced a number of road block one could possibly imagine.

Starting from looking for topics that are of interest to readers to doing search on what all to write on that topic, there has been no short of challenges to work on day after day for creating fresh content for my audience.

There is no doubt on the amount of benefits blogging can bring to you, and this is the reason why long-term commitment to content cannot be ignored.

According to Hubspot, blog content is the top inbound priority for 60% of marketers. Moreover, marketers who blog on a consistent basis get nearly 67% more leads as compared to those who don’t.

A strong foundation for more traffic and leads over time is built on how often you blog.

But, most of you must already be aware about this.

However, the real question that is of concern by a number of marketers is this: How to find out if your content is actually bringing in results? How can you be certain that you are getting the desired amount of traffic for the amount of time and effort you are putting in?

In case you are a marketer who is putting in sweat, blood and tears in your content and still getting little to no ROI, than you are not alone. As per a statistics, only 41% marketers are able to see a positive ROI for the marketing efforts they put in.


Unfortunately, I have seen this more than once.

The reasons why your content flops may be many, but there is one particular problem that troubles most marketers with whom I have worked with.

It is not because they are a lousy writer.

Ultimately, it all depends on how you spend your time.

Most marketers are quite inefficient when it comes to the amount of time they spend in writing a piece of content.

The thing here is, it is not the time spent of writing or editing. I, myself, create good piece of content within 2 hours for, without breaking a sweat. It is possible, that you can too.

The efficiency comes in one the “publish” button is pressed by these marketers.

It is a fact that you are perfectly alright with on-page optimization, but still you may get little or no engagement from readers.

Les ace the fact, there are at least 2 million piece of content published every day and in case you are not marketing right, than you will screw up everything.

You are throwing all your writing effort in the lake in case you are not spending enough time to squeeze maximum out of it by way of promotion.

In case you want to see better results from your content, in the form of more shares and likes to comments and leads, perhaps it is high time you rethink about your marketing strategies.

Don’t Think of Content in a Vacuum

Before you start to write a post, ask yourself a question: What are you trying to accomplish with this content? What are your goals?

The goals for creating a content differs from brand to brand, however, the purpose for promoting a content remains straightforward.

The main purpose is to get your content to as many readers as possible without wasting time and as many potential leads as possible.

You must be aware of the 80 / 20 rules, which signifies that 80% of our results come from 20% of our efforts.

This 80 / 20 rule can also be applied for your content strategy, but make sure you do not twist it.

In case you are spending 805 of your time in creating a content, but you spend only 20% of your time in promoting it than you will never get promising results.

Putting it in other words, you will get fewer leads, fewer comments and a negative ROI.

On the other hand, if you promote your content in the right manner, it will appear in front of more eyeballs and ultimately set you up as a leader in the trade. This will also save you lot of time when you create new content.

Don’t look at a piece of content in a vacuum. In this place, you should take a look at the bigger picture of promotion.

Let us take that you have written down a wonderful piece of content. Now, you should spend some time in promoting it.

But, from where you should start?

Use the Promotional Channels that Makes Sense

The spontaneous reaction of most marketers is to head straight to social media once they are done with their latest blog post.

It is a good thinking but you should not be that fast.

As per Content Marketing Institute, at least 13 content marketing tactics are used by most B2B marketers after they publish a post.

This shows that there are lot of options available for promotion, right?

Unfortunately, this also means that there are a number of platforms where promoting your content simply does not make sense and is just a waste of time.

Even though social media has earned a bad reputation of being a time sink, but according to Hubspot, the fact is nearly 66% of marketers net positive lead generation comes from social media.

Make a point: the name of the game is efficiency. Pick only those platforms that can bring you closer to your audience.

There is no “one” answer on where your content should be made available. You will have to find out where your potential leads are and who will possibly be interesting in your written piece.

According to Buzzsumo, only half of all content posted gets more than eight shares or less.

These numbers are quite miserable for me.

Unfortunately, this is what happens when marketers try to spread themselves wherever possible and ultimately make it too thin.

The more you spread yourself, the less effective you will be on your marketing campaign.

For instance, most of the B2B work is done of Linkedin and Twitter. On the other hand, visual content is mostly promoted on Instagram and Pinterest.

Facebook, is one such social platform that receives more than 12.3 billion users every day.

It is where we will start our promotional campaign.

It is quite obvious, that Facebook is one place where any and all business should push their content.

Considering the fact that most of the people spend nearly half a day on Facebook, makes it the most important platform where so many people digest content.

A major chunk of readers of my content on comes from Facebook alone.

Thankfully, posting on Facebook is quite simple. It is quite straightforward to promote your content on this social platform. Just follow these simple steps:

• Pick an appropriate feature image that can catch the attention of the audience
• Double check to ensure that your post preview is visible properly
• Pair your post with some form of unique caption comment to motivate readers to click on the post

On Twitter repetitive content is encouraged, but I usually post only once on Facebook for You may also notice that I try to post by piece of content in early afternoon hours or in late morning.

Even though, timing for when you post does not hold much importance as Facebook’s algorithm have become quite fickle.

A positive thing about Facebook posting is that you will be able to interact with your followers.

Interaction with your followers will guide you on what path you will have to take further. Positive feedback from your readers ensures that you are on the right path with your work.

Working on Facebook is quite simple when compared with Twitter, which is a completely different beast.

The way Twitter behaves is both a blessing as well as a curse for marketers.

Hashtags are promising ways to make your content reach your target audience, but it is possible to get lost in so much noise.

According to stats, nearly 350,000 tweets are made every minute. You will not be able to utilize the full benefit of Twitter in case you are posting just once or twice in a day.

It is possible that 99% of your followers will miss you completely.

You should not shy away from posting your piece of content again and again on Twitter. This is exactly what I do for more than 5,000 followers of my.

When you observe my tweets, you will notice that I post like clockwork. Does this makes you think that I am manually typing every tweet at all hours?

Definitely not.

The nature of this Social Media platform is fast paced and it is must to have scheduling tools such as Buffer.

Over time, you can experiment and recycle your content with different hashtags and imagery to have an understanding of the type of post that are being clicked by your readers.

When you queue up your posts in advance, you basically put it in autopilot and this gives you time to focus on other aspects of training.

Much like presenting on Facebook, methodologies, for example, lining up content on Twitter rapidly turn out to be second nature once you discover your musicality.

To wrap things up, we should discuss the undiscovered capability of LinkedIn.

In case you’re in the B2B space, LinkedIn introduces some phenomenal special open doors with regards to boosting your substance. More than 1 million organizations are exploiting LinkedIn’s distributing stage, and I very propose that you do likewise.

For instance, by republishing my blog content on LinkedIn I can…

Reach focused on perusers who generally might not have gotten my most recent blog entry

Receive the SEO rewards by driving movement back to my site

Additionally position myself as an expert and thought pioneer in our industry

Learn to expect the unexpected. You ought to be doing likewise in the event that you need to be viewed as an influencer making must-read content.

While some have worries about copy content punishments by republishing by means of LinkedIn, you likely don’t have much to stress over as indicated by Search Engine Journal. In like manner, you can simply switch up your titles, catchphrases, and structure in case you’re distrustful about punishments.

For instance, I for one adopt the strategy of just giving my perusers an essence of my blog by means of LinkedIn, at last driving perusers back to my webpage. It’s a win-win circumstance as this technique drives more activity to my blog and makes more chances to get leads by means of my on location CTAs.

Quite cool, huh?

Remember that Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn are only a couple of alternatives for advancement.

These three stages don’t begin to expose what’s underneath of what you could possibly do with a solitary bit of substance by means of online networking.

In any case, these strategies alone are sufficient to achieve a huge number of new leads, in the interim driving a constant flow of movement back to your blog on a reliable premise.


Given the measure of time it takes to deliver nearby substance, a surefire approach to guarantee a positive ROI is through republishing and repurposing every single piece you put out there.

On the off chance that this appears to be overwhelming at to begin with, don’t stress. The additional time you spend advancing, the more you streamline your procedure. Advancement rapidly turns out to be second nature.

Savvy advancement makes a snowball impact as you rapidly make sense of which bits of substance play out the best and how you can utilize that data to impact your procedure pushing ahead.

Your substance isn’t done when you hit “distribute.”

On the off chance that you aren’t finding a way to guarantee that your pieces are being found and rediscovered on numerous occasions, it’s an ideal opportunity to reevaluate your approach.

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