Six Points Highlights the Role of Influencer Marketing in Building Trust

For a post to become popular it needs to develop trust in the audience. Agencies and brands who want to execute an effective campaign should establish trust with their influences.

Companies compete to go more attention of consumers, however, the trust consumers have in brands is sliding down. It is because of this reason it is more important and harder than ever to establish trust with your audience.

Usually, people seek trust from the recommendations made by their peers. In order to gain trust, influencer marketing and peer recommendations are being often used by savvy marketers to build trust among audiences.

Here are some statistics to make you believe:

Trust in Brands is Low 22%

This number is really something to be worried about. It is very difficult, if not impossible; to sell or market a product or service in case there is no trust between the consumer and the brand.

61% Women don’t want to connect with a sponsored content in case it doesn’t look genuine

In any influencer campaign, authenticity and trust are the main ingredients. When there is not trust, the published content will not feel genuine and will not resonate with the target audience.

Low trust will result in low engagement, and in the end, audience will move away with the passage of time. This report is related specifically to women, but it can help explain influencer marketing across different fields.

When Consuming News Authenticity is ranked over Content by 43% Millennials

Forbes conducted a survey of 1,300 millennials and it was found that young people give importance to the reputation of news site or a company before they take a look at their produced content. According to Dan Schawbel of Forbes, it’s the logos that connect Millennials in the best way with the people.

In case there is no trust, content may not even be picked up by millennials. You can get a lot of attention through influencers, but its genuine, authentic interaction that will provide the best attention that will last long.

60% YouTube subscribers Give Preference to their favorite create on Youtube than a traditional celebrity

It has long been considered that using celebrity spokesperson is a sure shot way to develop positive relation of your brand and target audience. Jon Hamm was recruited as the spokesman of H&R Block as it wanted to develop trust among its audience.

However, this trend is changing now, particularly when someone has to build trust on YouTube. Influencers are prominently being used by savvy marketers to build trust in here.

83% Consumers Trust Their Peers in place of Advertising when it comes to Recommendations

Recommendations from peers are given much more preference by consumers in comparison to the ones made by advertising. Opinions from friends and relatives are trusted more as they are mostly unbiased. This type of recommendation often has a personal touch. Influencers fit perfectly in this policy.

Branded deals are approached by influencers without any biasness and turn down deals that don’t fit in naturally. Either they will use the product and provide an honest endorsement or review or a product is already loved by them and they are willing to endorse it.

In case you are able to find influencers whose personality matches with that of your brand, then the recommendations made by them have a personal touch with the audiences.

54% Consumers Believe a Small Community can have a Big Influence

Influencer marketing will enable to accumulate a large audience, however, it matter little unless it is the right one. You will get better results if you show your brand to 30K people who are interested than to 100K people who are not interested at all.

Find influencers whose styles and content matches perfectly with that of your brand, even if they have a small audience. This is the best strategy to have eyes that are willing to look. Right influencer may be having a small audience, but it will be the one that likes to engage, and is relevant and have trust.

There is a requirement to reinvent the wheel if you want to develop trust in your audience. Trust is something that needs to be fostered between the influencer and the brand.

Keep these trends in mind as you frame your marketing strategy.


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