Show Publisher Logo on Facebook Search and Trending

Traffic and branding are important goals of any publisher. Publishers want their potential readers to identify and recognize their brand wherever they are, and increase the probability of clicking and visit the website. Here is a brief on new Facebook updates.

Latest Facebook updates now enables publishers to put logos within the section of new “Brand Identity” in the Publishing Tools of the page to enhance branding on platform.

It is in Search and Trending that these logos will be visible for the purpose of testing.

Here you can take a look at the old and new version of Trending which will depict as to how branding changes on mobile.


According to Facebook Updates:

Our goal is to put your logo next to your content wherever it appears in Facebook. To start, we are testing how these logos work in Trending and Search surfaces on Facebook. We will continue to explore opportunities to add logos to new surfaces and further extend publisher brands through Facebook updates.

This looks to be an update on display which is still not yet seen by all users. However, you should not wait for the time when your own logo is uploaded by the update in your Brand Asset Library.

How to Add the Logos of Publishers

A new section known as Brand Identity has been added by Facebook to the Publishing Tools of the page. It is here your logos can be added.

You will be required to upload three different horizontal logos:

• Color (for white background)
• White (for contrast against dark background)
• Back (for contrast against light background)

Logo Requirements for Brand Identity

Here are some requirement that you need to remember:

1. Horizontal logos should not exceed 1:10 Ratio for Best Results. This means the width should not be more than ten times the height.
2. Square if fine. The primary objective here is that we do not use vertical logo.
3. No Secondary Text or Taglines. In most cases this logo will be small, this means secondary text will not be required.
4. Get rid of Extra Things around the Logo. Extra padding placed around the logo can make it look awkward.
5. Transparent Background only for PNG Files. Opaque colors or no colors behind the logo.

It should be noted here that there is no transparent background for white version. A black background is shown by Facebook only after it is uploaded for the purpose of displaying so it can be seen that there is a logo.

6. It is recommended to have a height of 300 pixels or more. For the purpose of scaling, if possible, use the file with the highest resolution.
7. No gray or color tones in the black and white versions. Use #fff for white and #000 for black only.


Making use of the logo feature available in new Facebook updates can bring in promising results to your page. However, if you are not considerate about certain factors that this feature will not be as fruitful for you as you might have expected.

The pointers given above will make things quite synchronized for you.

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