Read and Learn to Edit Facebook Link Previews

Marketers now do not have the permission to make changes to organic link previews (descriptions, headlines and thumbnails). You can try it, go ahead.

Earlier, it was possible to click and make changes to the descriptions or headlines than what it really is. It will not be possible to edit such items any longer. Previously, it was also possible to make changes in the thumbnail.

Now, when you click on the “X” the preview is removed completely and there is no option to put any other image.

This change can also be seen in the Page Posts area of Ads Manager…

The feature of editing Facebook link preview was taken away by the company as part of their effort to stop posting of fake news. Offenders make use of this feature to mislead others.

Just imagine a situation. You shared a link from a trustworthy and genuine source. Before posting you made changes in the headline, image and description to make a claim that is baseless and that is not there in the article.

However, there will be many people who will not read the article and will share the post just after reading the headline.

Unfortunately, ethical marketers also have to bear the brunt of the offenses of some people. There are times when the preview is just not up to the mark and marketers want to make changes to make the post look better.

For example, the image may be of poor quality in some cases or it does not describe the content in the right manner. There are a number of reasons as to why there may arise a need to edit the information.

Does this mean that marketers have come to a dead end now? The comforting news is that everything is not lost yet as there are ways to edit link previews.

1. Edit Open Graph Tags

Open Graph Tags given on your website provides with the content that Facebook picks up to put in link preview. In case a title, thumbnail or tag does not come up when the link is pasted on Facebook, it is because those tags were not formed in the right manner.

Open Graph Tags can be updated in many different ways. Website made on WordPress can use YoastSEO plugin, which will enable you to manually change what is sent to Facebook.

In case you want to change what becomes visible in the Facebook link preview, you can do so by going to website admin. This way the information that is available for posting will change globally and not just for one time.

In case you have ever tried to make such editing before, you mist have noticed that updated information is not displayed by Facebook after you make the changes. The reason for this is that the old information is cached, in order to remove, you will have to ask Facebook directly.

This can be done by using the Open Graph Object Debugger of Facebook. Click on the button “Fetch New Scrape Information”. After this new information will be pulled up by Facebook through the updated Open Graph Tags.

2. Claim Ownership of Link

Facebook is aware of the fact that this is a big issue with publishers, particularly media companies. Publishers who claim the ownership of a website can be granted the right to edit link on Facebook.

However, this facility is not available to everyone. This feature is only available to a number of media houses. In case you have this right, you can see the “Link Ownership” under the page Publisher Tools.

Here is an example of such ownership:

One has to follow the direction given on this page and can put in some unique codes on your website. This way you can claim that the content is your own and needs to be connected to the page.

Thereafter you will have the rights to edit Facebook link preview.

Unfortunately, not everyone has access to this tool. This brings us to…

3. Form an Ad and Publish it through Page Post

For most people the first option is not really reasonable. Usually, you will not be editing the link preview everywhere. You may want to use this feature for only this post.

The second option is really wonderful, provided you have this permission at the first place. But as stated before, everyone does not have this facility.

The third and the last option is quite cumbersome, but it certainly can bring in results.

When an ad is created, the link information provided by you undergoes a review process. Facebook Link Preview wants to make sure that the link information provided by you can be accepted. The ad can be published organically once that approval is granted.

Yes, in case you don’t want to run the ad, it is better to ensure to stop it before it starts. You will be required to wait for the approval first.

When you create the ad, you can edit the headline, image or description. As and when the ad is approved, it will be visible within the section of Page Posts.


Facebook keeps changing its rules to facilitate good end user experience. Along with this, it wants to make sure that fake news is not circulated on its online platform which may create panic among masses. Those with legitimate purpose can still work their way through.

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