Power Editor and Ads Manager Combined in One Tool by Facebook

An announcement was made by Facebook that Ads Manager and Power Editor will be combined into one tool.

It is time to take a deep breath.

It comes as a welcome news for those who have been using Power Editor quite religiously for the past many years as some of the features were not available in Ads Manager. It looks like that no functionality will be lost.

There is nothing to worry about for those who have been using Power Editor just for the reason that Power Editor has been quite overwhelming. The first priority will remain to be ease of use.

This news update should not come to you as much of a surprise in case you have noticed how Power Editor has evolved in the past couple of years. Some time back there was some contrasting differences between the two features.

With the passage of time many changes have taken place between the two interfaces, and this has made them look much like one another.

The fact is that, you are not required to have both the tools any longer. As of now, both of them have become nearly identical.

This update, according to the announcement, will be coming out in the next week and it focuses mainly on reporting and content creation. Let us take a better look at it.

Creation Flows

One change that has been seen in the recent years has been the introduction of “Guided Creation” when the campaigns are designed. The complete process of creating a campaign and setting up the ad is now available to advertisers.

This has gone on to become the only method available to create campaigns in the Ads Manager. This was before the changes has taken place.

By using Power Editor, the option of using Quick Creation or Guided Creation was also available with advertisers. A campaign could be generated quickly by advertisers by using quick creation. They were also able to create ad draft and set up the ad by using some of the most basic information. This was there before the change happened.

Guided Creation available in the Power Editor was nearly similar to the same process in Ads Manager. Before the change this was the image looked like:


The new Ads Manager that will have both the tools will enable advertisers who utilized the option of Quick Creation in Power Editor to keep using it. This will happen after the change has taken place.

Facebook has released this image to give an idea of how Guided Creation will be visible for the new ads manager having the combined tool.

With the help of the combined tool, all advertisers will be able to use both the options. You will be automatically diverted by Facebook to the tool that is used by you most often. Still, you will have the option to switch to the other method if you want to.


There is a small difference between the above given image and the original flow of Guided Creation in Ads Manager. Are you able to find it?

In the old Ads Manager, the bottom left corner of the Guided Creation looks like this:

You will loose all your work in case this window is closed at any time. No drafts will be created.

However, in the new ads tool the bottom left corner will look like this:

All advertisers will now be able to save their work as a draft.

The fact is, your work will now be saved by Facebook automatically. However, you will be required to review and publish any changes that will go live. In order to ensure that advertisers don’t forget the unsaved changes, Facebook will send reminders that will ask you to check and publish your changes.

Single Source for Reports

It all looks so good, as Facebook advertising campaign can now be created at one place. For advertisers, and particularly the new ones, this has certainly created lot of confusion in the past. Are we forgetting about reports here?

This problem has been there in the earlier version. Ads reports was available to advertisers only there in the Ads Manager. Stats were also available there in the Power Editor. Unfortunately, there was a difference between the organization and availability of such metrics.

The confusion is, many times there is no match between the numbers given on Power Editor and Ads Manager.

You can get a lot of information on how your advertisement is doing by taking a look in the Ads Manager. It is where Customized Columns can be used and enlightening information can be seen within Breakdowns.

Within the new Ads Manager, this is one place where you will be able to see all the reports with the latest update. It is here you will be able to see the breakdowns, activity history, date benchmarks, summary rows, charts and exported insight reports among other things. This is here your confusion will be removed.

It is time to start things off in case you have not used many of these features in Ads Manager. These features can be extremely beneficial.

Will You Loose Anything with Power Editor and Ads Manager?

This announcement can be scary not only for green advertisers who have been intimidated by Power Editor and the advertisers who are experienced and wants to have all the extra whistles and bells. It looks like advertisers in both the categories should be pleased with this update.

At the time of creating the campaign guided creation method can be used by new advertisers. Power Editor will not be available any more, this means, there will be one less thing for them to worry about.

Facebook has stated that as a result of this change no functionality will be lost. This means all those who have been using Power Editor all this while will not loose anything.


The bottom line of all these changes is that advertisers will now have continuity and consistency with this update. In case it is executed as has been claimed by Facebook, it will be beneficial for everyone involved.

In case you are not aware of this update still, Facebook has announced that this update will be rolled out later this week.

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