Optimization at the cross-section of Social, Content, Search, Mobile and Local in 2017

The digital world is undergoing rapid changes. There are more than one billion live websites and there are endless brands to pick from for customers looking for solution to their requirement.

The behavior of consumer has matured rapidly due to growth of the online world. Internet is accessed by customers through a number of different channels and platforms. More than one channel is being used by nearly two third of shoppers when to plan to make a purchase.

During this period, customers have also started to move away from traditional journey to make a purchase. The interactions between customers and brands happen across multiple devices through a series of high-intent touch points.

Customers now play an important role in market relationship and brands need to adjust accordingly. Search engines have also adjusted accordingly and have improved their query algorithm to understand the intent better and improve the result on their search engine pages. They have worked to provide convenient and fast answers to users.

In order to survive and succeed in the digital world of today, brands must also adjust accordingly. The content developed by them should be capable enough to reach the target audience and can serve their goals.

It is important to understand cross-channel trends of the market to reach customers and get better ROI on your brands. Almost three quarters of marketers make use of cross-channel methods as it brings significant impact on conversions at a website.

Nearly 50% people say that cross-channel marketing has enabled them to retain more customers and there is high probability of them becoming advocates of brand. It has been found that there is 30% more lifetime value of customers who come by way of cross-channel research. This means, organizations who make the decision to undergo cross-channel marketing will view better value coming up.

Opportunities of Channels

For marketers of the present time, the opportunity for the success of a brand is at the intersection between mobile, content, social, search and local. SEO plays an important role as it makes sure that the material is available easily on search engines.

The main support than comes from social. It is through this platform that a message can be conveyed across the world. You can engage with your customers through these platforms in a personal manner. You will be able to drive attention to your content through social media platforms. By using these two together you can draw traffic and make your website visible.

The next step is two mix these two channels with mobile, content and local strategies. When these campaigns are effectively used in these three fields it grasps the devices used by customers and the intention behind making these searches.

The solution is to create content that can be used to serve people across different platforms and devices. Brands should be able to reach out to customers where they can be found and fulfill their need for information. However, it is nearly impossible to achieve this objective without data. Data will enable a businessperson and his brand to know what is being searched by their customers and what kind of results are they expecting when they put these queries.

They will be informed about the adjustments that need to be made and what success has come from their efforts.

Our research done at Yehbhi indicate that organic search brings in major portion of the traffic. Nearly 51% of the people come through SERPs. Let us take a look as to how different types of marketing strategies intersect to drive growth.

Analysis of Current Website

The world is increasingly adapting mobile to search different things. It is for this reason your website need to be responsive and the one that brings in rich experiences. However, in case content is created without using the best practices of SEO than it can result in duplicate content, technical errors or orphan pages.

Due to these shortcomings, the organic search performance can be severely impacted and may result in decreased conversions, traffic and revenue.

To have a better understanding of the different elements that affect your brand, you need to analyze your website first. You will have a better picture of the kind of traffic that is coming to your website by breaking it down based on the device used by them to surf your website. You will be able to formulate your marketing strategies in a better way with this insight analysis.

Searching for Keywords

When you take a look at the statistics behind keywords that are applicable you will get to know about competition levels and traffic rates. It will help you understand the topics and terms used by interested prospects better.

As part of this research you may also want to check out the trends. You will be able to establish your ranking and authority when you create and promote content of interest before your competitors.

Understand the Intention of User Behind the keywords

marketing strategies today require a better understanding of the micro-elements that are being dominated by user activity. When customers want to fulfill their particular type of need they reach out for their devices.

You will be able to frame your content according to customers requirement when you understand the intentions of customers better, whether it is what they want to know or buy something from there.

Search engines have been designed to forecast the intentions of customers and it is because of this reason some searches contains features like videos, image or local 3-packs and quick answers.



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