Link Building Techniques for Small and Big Brands

One of the most important components of SEO is the near past has been to acquire back-links. There is high probability that they will continue to be so.

These back-links are used by Google to determine quality, judge popularity, and decide the ranking in its search algorithm. Things have been like this since the time Google is in existence and it is still alive at present.

However, the fact is, there are differences between back links.

Links Quality Carries Importance

The image given below indicates the rating distribution of URL for one of the leading book publishers in US.

As can be clearly seen, the majority of the links are in the URL rating of 0 – 20. It is a waste of resources and time if anyone is trying to develop links in this URL rating.

It can be seen here that this category has nearly 302,000 back links. If you want to make a difference, you cannot be among this category. According to current SEO trend, one should acquire links from websites that have good URL ratings, usually in the range of 40 DA or more. Check the DA, URL rating of the websites before targeting them.

Google Judge Popularity through Links

When taken into consideration, it is a pretty simple concept to use back-links. The popularity of a website is judged by Google through links. During the early time of the Internet, in case an information is used from a website, the source of that information need to be similar for a research paper from academic.

Since that time, the ranking factor has not been changed by Google. The main reason for this is that it is an effective way to ascertain the quality of a website on the internet. According to a Search Quality Senior Strategist at Google, Andrey Lipattsey, one of the most important ranking factor on Google are back-links.

Unfortunately, it is not easy to find quality back-links and many digital marketers and SEO people face difficulty in finding some. The reason for this is that many people have abused this online marketing strategy and in many cases things do not work easily.



Some Link Strategies are Not Effective

People who enter this industry, they want to acquire as much knowledge as possible about SEO. Most of these people follow big players in SEO such as Brian Dean.

They also learn the technique of link building, then they take up the skyscraper method. They send endless number of email, but do not get any response. It ultimately leads to frustration and they finally move away from link building.

Things like these happen often, however, the promising news is, it should not happen this way. When it comes to link building, digital marketers and SEO people should pick up strategies that are more effective. They should not follow the crowd.

Brian Dean has been a leader when it comes to link building. He has been particularly effective for small brands. He delivered some promising results in beating big brands in link building and raising the ranking of websites.

Much of the link building has evolved after Brian Dean wrote a book on this subject. Most of the methods in use today were framed by him, including blasting people with emails or the skyscraper technique.

The methods propagated by Brian have been quite effective in niches, however, they have been quite difficult to implement in highly competitive field as everyone is doing the same.

Most important, Brian Dean is a big name now and he has risen above the vast majority of SEO people and digital marketers who are struggling to show some results. This, however, does not mean we should ignore Brian Dean now.

His techniques can definitely be used, but we need to improvise on them in order to be effective for our personal use. Here is an equation which can be very effective in many situations:

Content + Outreach + Value = Back-links

Developing content and outreach are easy to take care off. However, it is very difficult to generate value. Why should my website contain your link? Will it make my blog better and provide trust to my audience?

These are some of the questions that one need to ask while developing and promoting content.

Difference Between Small and Big Brands

There is a big difference in the link acquisition strategies used by small and big brands. A big brand is one that has a huge following or the that is listed in a Fortune 1,000 company. Moz, for example, can be considered as a big brand.

On the other end of the spectrum, a small brand is the one that is almost unknown or without big following. A local digital marketing or SEO company that does not have much of exposure, PR or online marketing exposure, is an example.

There is a big difference in doing link acquisition for these two types brands that are on the far end of the spectrum. Promotion and marketing of content is one of the most effective way to get links. It is more effective in case of a big brand as compared to a small one.

The outreach for a small and large brand is completely different, along with how content marketing is done. You need to understand the present value of your brand before you pick up a technique.

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