Learn to Create Facebook Ads for Instagram Stories


Advertisers on Facebook now have the opportunity to create advertisements that can reach people through Instagram stories. Here is how it can be done.

As most of you must be aware, Instagram is now owned and operated by Facebook. Users of Instgram post photos and videos in there and create stories. This is something similar to the stories that are created on SnapChat.

This is what the kids of today have been busy doing these days, something which, older people might not be aware of.

This phenomena has been picked up by Facebook for its Instagram Stories and it is doing the same thing for Messenger Day.

So are you interested in creating Instagram stories for Facebook ads? Lets get going.

Background for Instagram Stories for Facebook Ads

Online marketing managers who run advertisements on Facebook by making use of Ads Manager, Power Editor, or by using tools in the Facebook ads API can now select Instagram Stories as a placement for doing so.

The ad image or video (up to 15 seconds) between Instagram stories can now be placed by advertisers.

However, just like you cannot decide which app, video or website it appears on or in, you also cannot decide which Instagram stories will come up in your ad.

Connecting with the Instagram Account

The first thing to do in the beginning is to connect you Facebook ads account with an Instagram account. Follow these steps to accomplish this.



Click on the “Instagram accounts” below “People and Assets” given on the left hand side.



After that you need to click on “Click new Instagram account”



Thereafter you will have to put in your credentials for Instagram login.



It is time now to pick the advertisement accounts where you wish to access this Instagram account.



This is all you need to do to make the settings.

Creating Facebook Advertisement for Instagram Stories

By making use of the Reach Objective you can create a campaign advertisement within Ads Manager or Power Editor.



The message regarding creating advertisement for Instagram stories can now be seen on the ad set level under placement.



The placement need to be edited to contain only “Stories” under “Instagram”.



Once the selection is made by you, other placement options will be de-selected. It is not possible to use other placements along with Instagram Stories.

At the level of the ad, you will have the liberty to include a single video or a single image.



In case a single image is used by you, an ad size of 1080 x 1920 pixels is recommended by Facebook. You can put in little text or nothing at all.

In case a single video is used by you, it should not be more than 15 second in length and file size should not be above 2.3 GB. The quality of the video need to be at least 720p and the aspect ratio need to be 9:16.

The next step is to either pick up an Instagram account or let the Facebook pick up the advertisement.

If you want you can also enter tracking or tags. You are completely ready now to launch Facebook ads with Instagram stories.

Drawback of Facebook Ads with Instagram Stories

One of the biggest drawback is that you are not allowed to add text or promote a link.

There is another limitation that you can only upload one image or one video of 15 seconds only. It will be your creative that will convey the message and nothing else. There is no way to divert people towards your website.

Different Ways to Use Instagram Stories in Facebook Ads

Since there is no way to direct traffic by using Facebook ads having Instagram stories, this method is only useful to create awareness among people.

The only objective that will be solved by this technique is to get more reach, and this should not come as a surprise to you.

It is important that a memorable statement is made by your video or image. Considering the fact that you cannot use text in these Facebook ads, it will come as a big challenge for you to make a lasting impression.

The most effective way is to make a 15 seconds video that contains all the message that you want to convey.


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