How You Can Grow Your Business with SEO

Why you as a businessman should care about SEO (Search Engine Optimization)? The simple answer is SEO has many business benefits.

Here I pick up some points to show entrepreneurs and business owners as to how SEO can be beneficial for their business.

Goal of SEO

  • Make sure you get the right kind of traffic. Your business will not get any help from wrong kind of traffic.
  • Make use of search engines (Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc.)
  • The website created by you should augment your marketing and sales efforts. You should make some investment in the marketer / salesperson that will work 24 / 7 for you, that is, your website.

Right Kind of Traffic

  • You should have a clear understanding of the personality of your buyer and the problems faced by you. You will have to understand the psycho-graphics and demographics of your buyer, including the problems and issues faced by them.
  • Look for potential buyers, more particularly, look for ideal kind of potential buyers. You should not only find out as to who purchase from you, but also which buyers you love.
  • People who are looking for your product or services actively. You should be looking for people who are of the belief that they have problem that needs to be solved.

Business Goals

  • Keep your business goal in mind, and start to work backwards
  • A business website is there to sell, whether indirectly or directly
  • Sales come out from leads, which in turn come from traffic

Why you need to care?

  • 92% of the businesses on page 1 are picked up by the searchers. 33% of the traffic goes to position 1
  • Top 5 positions gets 75% of the traffic
  • Search volume has increased due to mobile, particularly for the local area
  • 44% of the marketers have ranked SEO as being very or high effective
  • SEO has been found to be very effective technique by 54% of the marketing and sales professionals
  • 80 – 90 % of customers go through online reviews before they make an online purchase
  • SEO has been found effective by nearly 54% of B2B marketers


  • Authority
    • Social media references and engagement
    • Links (quality & quantity)
    • Local citations (listings with your business name, phone number and address)
  • Relevancy
    • Content (substance of text, images, videos etc)
    • Topics & keywords
    • Content types (images, text, podcast, videos etc)
  • Trust
    • Technology (hosting, how your website is judged by search engine etc)
    • Crawlability (How easily your website can be crawled by search engines etc)
    • Algorithm tactics (How your website is judged by search engine algorithm)

Off-Site SEO

  • Items that are given outside your website
  • Social media
  • Inbound links (links from web properties and other websites)
  • Brand / PR awareness. Just like any other brick and mortar store, people around should be aware that you are in business, then only they will come and shop

On-Site SEO

  • Content
  • Items within your website
  • Technical aspect (security, speed, code cleanliness etc.)

Local SEO

  • It will work as online yellow pages
  • Your results will be narrowed down to a local area. When you look for financial advisers on Google, you will get mixed results in the form of specific financial advisers local to you and general information on financial advisers. It is assumed by Google that you are looking for “financial adviser” and not just information on financial adviser.


PPC (pay-per-click advertising) can be looked as city water, on the other hand, SEO can be looked as a well.

  • To burrow a well requires a great deal of in advance exertion before you get water. At that point the water comes in gradually, and increments with time. You have to invest push to keep up the well, yet other than that, you’re getting essentially free water. Search engine optimization requires a ton of in advance work before you produce critical movement. In any case, once it does, you can profit by the force for quite a long time, the length of you keep up your SEO.
  • City water is in a flash accessible once you’re associated with it. Simply turn on the spigot. In any case, you pay for all the water you utilize. When you quit paying, you quit getting water. PPC can produce activity rapidly, yet just does as such while you pay.

Function admirably together; not either/or. You don’t have to pick SEO or PPC. It frequently functions admirably to kick off activity with PPC, while increase SEO. As your SEO develops, you can decrease PPC in the event that you pick.

Conversion and Traffic

  • Website design enhancement just sends activity. Site must change over to create leads. A transformation is the point at which somebody makes a stride towards a deal.
  • A portion of the best CTAs (suggestions to take action) or offers are answers for your purchaser persona’s issues/torments.
  • Notwithstanding when site produces a lead, it takes your business people to transform that into a deal.

Additional Benefits

  • Website design enhancement makes you make your webpage and general web nearness better for your prospects and clients. When you enhance your site’s substance, usefulness, client encounter, and so forth for web indexes, your guests advantage.
  • Social enhancement. When you present a connection via web-based networking media, numerous social stages pull an indistinguishable information from web indexes: picture, title, depiction. Enhance your substance for web search tools, and you’ll profit on social.


Perusing this post and gesturing your head wouldn’t enhance your business. It’s a great opportunity to give SEO something to do for your business. Here’s your test!

  • Characterize beat 3 business objectives (cases: increment income to X, increment group size to Y)
  • Consider 3 ways SEO could help accomplish them (illustrations: increment movement, contact a specific gathering of people, pull in occupation applicants)
  • Make system and begin executing, with inner group or outside help (an organization that offers SEO administrations)


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