How to Use PPC for Branding Success

A Question for you first:

Do you think a brand can alter your purchase preferences? Let’s put it in another way, will you want to go for hiking in the snow when you see the North Face logo?

To find an answer to above question, Duke University carried out a research few years back on 341 students.

They wanted to know what the things that make a brand powerful are and how a person is influenced by it.

The students in the research group were put to a visual acuity test.

They were shown a video, during which Apple and IBM logo were flashed for a second on the screen. The flash was quick enough to ensure students are unaware of logo being flashed on the screen.

The participants were then asked to complete a creative task, listing all the uses of a brick they can think of.

The results were surprising.

Participants exposed to Apple logo not only came out with more uses but also more creative ones.

The same experiment was carried out using the logos of Disney Channel and E!. The participants in this experiment were tested on their level of honesty and dishonesty. Those exposed to Disney Channel logo were found more honest.

The two experiments shows that subliminal exposure to brand can make people to behave in a specific way.

The Conclusion is Branding Matters.

People who are dealing with paid search may consider the whole “branding” thing as something not to be worried about when they talk of Key Performance Indicators. All PPC-ers have key performance indicators and specific goals. They are of the belief that they are at the bottom of the channel, but, the fact is they have far more abilities that they think of.

The simple truth is that – PPC when complimented with branding will impact the bottom line.

The Three Main Points in Branding are:

  1. Make it easier to choose you
  2. Show your customers that you care for them
  3. Make it easy for them to become loyal customer

It is possible that you might have taken some of these steps already. Read more to find out you are covering all the steps. We also take a look on how these points are supported by PPC.

Make It Easier to Choose You

To become a top brand you should understand your audience really well. One thing that is common in audience of any type is that they are all searching for quick fix.

A brand will find a permanent place in audience’s heart provided it makes it easy for them to find what they are looking for or get something done.

It is for this reason your ad message is critical.

Most of us overlook the simple basics and focus more on latest feature or the next advanced tactic. This is why cracks develop in our foundation.

We are perfectly synchronized with the latest advancement, but we tend to default when it comes to basics.

Show Your Customers that You Care for Them

Anticipating and being proactive are the key words here.

Anticipate the issues and act promptly as you see a customer is complaining.

According to Professor Andrew Ehrenberg of South Bank Business School, relation of strong brands and its people is based on trust. People have strong belief that a good brand will pull the right things. Mistakes, if committed, are easily forgotten.

Anticipate your customers’ issues and they will believe that you know them better.

Pay Attention to When Customers Complain

Which is the first place to go for a person looking for something? A search engine, most likely.

It will make a huge difference if you show up well in SERPs.



Make it easy for them to become loyal customer

One of the most worthwhile things that can be done by a brand is to increase the lifetime value of customer. There are two ways to achieve this objective.

Smart Remarketing

A person liked a brand enough to make a purchase. Will he or she purchase something from this brand again?

Serve your customers well to make sure they choose your brand again. Show them what more they can get from here.

Remarketing depends on the time when the product was last purchased?

This tactic is used by Amazon when they send emails suggesting a person about deals or products he or she might be interested in. this is the reason why keep going back to Amazon, even if the prices are not the lowest.


In the words of Seth Godin, “Marketing is no longer about the stuff that you make, but about the stories that you tell”.

PPC is a promising way to create and shape stories that will delight and engage customers.

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