How to Bring More Traffic to Your Website without SEO

Many people are aware that SEO is an effective and wonderful way to bring traffic to a website.

However, there are many people who only depend of Search Engine Optimization to increase search results and generate traffic.

This is a bad thing.

It is important that you don’t depend completely on Search Engine Optimization to generate traffic but also use various other means to generate it. In case you don’t pay attention to it, this may result in the end of your business if the primary traffic doesn’t come up.

In this article we will take a look on how we can increase the traffic to a website and blog posts without relying completely on SEO.

You can put these strategies into place straight away and optimize traffic from each source.

Knowing all these strategies will give you the peace of mind as you will have the assurance that the ranking of your website will not go down in case there is a change in Google’s algorithm.

Let’s get started!

Traffic and Its Types

Before we learn about the strategies, we should learn that all traffic on a website is not equal. The objective is to get high quality traffic.

High quality traffic is the one that brings in better ROI as compared to traffic that is not.

This aspect is quite reasonable, but it is something that is often overlooked when we try to pull traffic on our website.

It is a good thing to have high traffic, but in case it is not the right one, than it is nothing more than numbers.

100 targeted visits that will result in purchases are much better than 1000 un-targeted traffic. Traffic that is generated through social media platform may not be of high quality for your website.

Online Advertising

Online Advertising has the power to bring in hundreds, if not thousands of people to your website.

The social media platforms and online advertising are innovating regularly and it has made it easier to target website to the right people more than ever before.

The effectiveness of online advertising can be judged from the fact that spending on digital advertising in UK has increased by more than 13% in just one year 2014 to 2015.

It should be noted here that when you plan to drive traffic to your website through digital ads you should be aware on how to convert this traffic into sales.

Considering that you don’t have endless amount of money, your website have to be really effective in generating sales from coming traffic.

Digital advertising can be sustained in the long run only when you are able to get ROI from these ads.

Note – Traffic through ad campaign is of little value if you are not able to generate profit from your website.

This Big task can be divided into two categories:

  • Put advertisement of something that is being searched by people.
  • Create ads of high quality that can encourage people within a second to click on them.

We will not elaborate on how you should create digital ad that can appeal to people. We will, however, take a brief look on high quality ads that are effective on social media platforms and search engines.

There are two factors to consider when we design a digital ad:

  • The Designing of the ad itself
  • The Targeting of the ad

the image and the copy are important constituents in designing an ad. You can have a fair enough idea on how to create an effective digital advertisement by taking a look at the ads posted by your competitors.

An ad should have something that encourages a viewer to take an action, something which is known as swipe file.

When we talk of targeting it refers to the audience to whom the ad is shown by way of search engine optimization.

Strategies followed by every ad platform is unique. Before putting your ad on a platform you need to do some homework.

Targeting the audience has become much easier through new innovative features like ‘Lookalike Audiences’.

Targeting of ads will depend on the amount of money you want to spend.

For instance, the industry in which you want to place your ads will considerably effect your online marketing costs.

This can be clearly seen in the case of Facebook.

When you plan to run ads, you are not required to spend big right away, neither you should.

It makes sense to check the waters by spending five to ten dollars a day and find out what come out.

Run the campaign for around a week and find out the working of a given media platform.

The next stage is to work on the metrics such as email sign-ups or profit generated.

This process should be repeated with every ad platform.

Guest Blogging

Guest blogging is an effective tool that can generate traffic for your website.

There are two components in starting guest blogging:

  1. Find out website that are suitable for your niche
  2. They are willing to accept guest blogs

You can search for these websites on Google.

The next step is to writer a piece that is compelling enough to be accepted as a guest post.

There are three ways for generating ideas for guest posts.

One way is to search Buzzsumo to find out popular topics in your niche that are being shared a lot.

The second way is to find out websites on Buzzsumo where you can post your blogs. Look for topics that are most popular on these websites and also check for the style of content that is published there.

When it comes to writing, you can write something that is almost similar or you can write something that is much better than what is already available.

High quality content has a major role to play in search engine optimization.

You can also write out your personal experience here, for example, in the form of a case study.

Last word of suggestion is to try to write articles that answer the question ‘how to’, it will not only be engaging for readers but will also be readily picked by search engines.




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