Google Makes Changes Almost Everyday Says John Mueller

Changes in Google Algorithm takes place at the speed of light. What might be current and trending today, may be outdated and old tomorrow.

This is one of the salient features of Google where information travels at the speed of light.

According to webmaster trend analyst, John Mueller, Google Algorithm changes almost every day.

Swings and dips in ranking can be expected, as search engine evolves.

In case you are of the belief that things will remain the way they had been in the past, than certainly, you are in for a big disappointment.

Google has to remind everyone over and over again that changes happen in its algorithm almost every day.

In a tweet from Google’s Gary Illyes, similar sentiments have been expressed. On an average they have 3 updates on any given day. If you think that one of the changes happened few moments back, than you probably are almost right.

Illyes also gave an indication, although, surrounded with mystery and in a sort of comic manner, that all the upcoming updates will be called as “Fred”, unless it has been specifically mentioned otherwise. He also added that he hopes SEO people do not take this statement too seriously and start naming the upcoming updates as Fred V1.0 and Fred V2.0, and so on.

Going by this trend. There were updates yesterday, and most likely 3 of them. People who keep themselves current with these updates must be aware that the changes that happened yesterday are somewhere linked to low quality inbound links.

In case that has happened, it is recommended by Google that SEO people should get on the work to remove links naturally. In this this tactic is not effective, or in case the number of low quality inbound links are large in number and it is not possible to remove them individually, then it will be better to take the step of disavowing back links.



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