Facebook Will Penalize Slow Webpages in Future

In the latest Facebook updates, the company has indicated that it will give more preference to stories that will load faster than those stories who take more time to load.

What this means is that Facebook will take into consideration the estimated load time of a webpage that is clicked by a user from any news feed. It also applies to any current network connection of a person and the general speed of the associated pages.

According to a blog post from Facebook, when a webpage indicates that it will load faster than that webpage will appear higher in the search results.

The social media platform stated that for long it has considered many factors to ensure that pages of relevant stories loads faster for users. These factors also include the speed of the mobile network or WiFi connection and the device used by a person.

Facebook added that in case you are on a slow internet connection that will take longer to load videos, than the news feed will show less videos and more of links and status update.

To enable stories to load faster on poor or slow connections, stories are prefetched by downloading the mobile content before a link is clicked by someone. It is seen that this reduces the load time by nearly 25%.

These New Facebook Updates will be implemented slowly in the coming months.

These changes are being made by Facebook to improve the experience of end user. This changes are being made after receiving feedback from people. Slow loading pages just add to their frustration.

It has been found that when a Website takes Longer time to Upload the click is abandoned by the user all together. Nearly 40% of the websites are abandoned when there is a delay of three seconds.

It has been anticipated by Facebook that most pages will not see much change in their distribution. However, there will be a decrease in referral traffic in case the page is too slow.

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