Facebook Install Disputed Alert To Stop Fake News Posting

Facebook has developed a tool to track down and combat fake news in here. A red warning sign is indicated by the social networking website as and when a disputed content is posted on the website.

It is right what you hear. False stories are not given the tag line as false, straightaway. These stories are considered as being disputed, to cut out a soft corner.

In case the content is disputed, this indication will appear directly below the displayed content. Here is an example as to how it will look like:

What is wrong with the above published story about the unsecured Android device of Trump? It is published on a Seattle Tribune, which is a news entertainment and satire website.

Putting it in simple words, this website is a fake news.

When you will click on the alert, a message will pop up before you, which tells that the article is disputed by PolitiFact and Snopes.com.. There will also be links that will explain you why this website has been picked up and tagged as disputed. The link also carries the message:

Sometimes fake news is shared by people without realising that it is fake news. When a content is disputed by independent fact-checker, you can go to their website and find out the reason.

This is not all, a warning message will appear in case you make an attempt to share a disputed story.

Before you share some content, you might be wishing to find out if it is disputed or not by fact-checking website, PolitiFact and Snoopes.com.

Users can cancel the post or continue to share it.

Clearly, it can be said that the system used by Facebook is not perfect. In order to trigger the system, the automated system of Facebook will have to catch a story or a user will have to report a fake story before it is checked by fact checker.

It will be interesting to find out as to how much time the Facebook takes in flagging the disputed content. As per Facebook, stories that are tagged as disputed will appear low in the news feed.

It is possible that someday they will be able to find out a way to be able to tag every fake content given on website as disputed.

The big winners in this scenario are the fact checking websites like Politifact and Snoopes, and they will see a remarkable increase in traffic.

How effective is the disputed content warning system from Facebook in preventing people from spreading and sharing disputed content.


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