Create Your Social Media Marketing Strategy from Beginning

Imagine a scenario that you are going for rock climbing for the first time and you have least idea on how to do it. You have watched others doing this task with ease and wondered how it would feel once you reach the top of the rock.

The situation with social media marketing strategy will feel almost the same way.

In case you are just a beginner in this field, things may look overwhelming as well thrilling at the same time. You are aware of what you want to do and why you want to do it. You have seen others climbing to the top of social media marketing mountain and you might be having some idea on how you can start the things.

Here, I describe some plans that may help you out.

If you might have read other articles of my, you must be having fair enough idea on how things will work out.

What all I have published before has been put forward in a simple infographics here:


Social Media Marketing Plan

Starting from the ground zero and working your way up, here is how a social media marketing plan should be created from the scratch.

This marketing plan can be considered similar to that of a road trip. Things start with finding and pointing yourself in the right direction, after that you will decide how you will get there, regular check is also required to make sure you are on the right path, and have some form of fun on the march to achievement.

1. Pick your social networks

2. Fill the complete profile

3. Find your tone and voice

4. Pick a posting strategy of your

5. Test and Analyze

6. Engage and Automate


Step 1: Which Social Media Websites Should be Used

Social media is a homogeneous platform that can be compared to that of soda pop available in different brands. Certainly, Twitter and Google+, are all social media, that can be as different as Pepsi and Mountain Dew.

Every network is unique in its own way, with their own distinct style, practices and audiences. The social networks that will be picked up by you depends upon your marketing strategy and the purpose.

It is not required that you should be on all of them. You should pick only those that really matters to you and your target audience. Here are some factors that you need to consider when you pick a social network.


Find out how much time can you give to a social media? You should allocate at least one hour of time to one social media, at least in the beginning. (Once the things get going, you can save time by using different tools)


What skills and personnel do you have to work with? Visual social networks such as Instagram and Pinterest require photos and images. Social networks such as Google+ give more emphasis to quality content. You should have the resources to create what is required.


Which is the frequently visited place by your potential customer? Where you will find the right demographics?

To take decision on the later part, you can check out the data on the survey conducted by audience research and demographics such as the one carried out by Pew Research. For example, Pew conducted research last fall and collected the data on demographics for Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, Pinterest.

The inforgaphic below shows the comparison between Twitter and Facebook.

Your Profile Should be Filled Completely

One of the important factor of social media audit is to visit every social media profile. It is because of this reason our profile should be complete and up-to-date. Cover photos and avatars should also be in place.

A complete profile sends out the signal that you are serious about engaging and shows professionalism and cohesive branding. There are two parts in a profile: visual and text.

Moreover, there should be familiarity and consistency with the visuals that are used on social media. For example, you can check our logo. It is same on all our social media profiles.

Find Your Marketing Tone and Voice
Many people are tempted to go straight ahead and start sharing things. Well, there is no problem in starting, but, you need to take care of just one step. The efforts done by you on social media platform will be more to the point and focused if you form a tone and voice of the content posted by you right from the beginning.

To achieve this, you need to come out with a marketing strategy and discuss the fine details of the customer base and mission statement. For those who are just starting things out, this process can become a bit easier. Just find answers to these questions:

In case your brand is a person, how would you like to see it?
In case your brand is a person, what type of relation it should have with consumers?
What adjectives best describes your company?
Is there any company whose personality is similar to that of yours?
Once you find the answers to these questions you will have a clear understanding of the tone and voice of your marketing campaign. Voice will serve as your mission statement and the tone will define how the mission will be implemented.
Pick a Posting Strategy of Your
How many posts should be sent out in a day? At what time you should post? How often you should post? What you should post? It is important to find the answers to all these questions in order to have a successful marketing campaign.
The answer to all these questions is not in simple yes or no and it is certainly not in the form of one size fits all. What might be effective to me, may not be effective to you. With that being said, let’s share some points in here:

Visual content gives much more mileage than any other thing. Research has found that image posts bring in more clicks, views, and shares. When compared with text based content, photos gets 104% more comments, 53% more likes and 84% more click through on links. The same rule applies for Twitter.

Test and Analyze

The answer to the question when you should post your content will come out when you start to post often at different time.
You can find this out by using the reporting tool given on social networks websites. These tools will make your task a lot easier. You will get a breakdown on what was the performance of each post including views, shares, clicks, likes and comments.

Automate, Engage and Listen

The last bit of an online networking showcasing arrangement includes having a framework you can take after to help you remain on top of updates and drawn in with your group.
To begin with, robotize your updates. Instruments like Buffer enable you to make all the substance and updates that you need to, at the same time, and afterward put everything into a line to be conveyed by whatever timetable you pick. Computerization is the mystery weapon for reliably brilliant sharing, for quite a while.
Your arrangement doesn’t end with computerization, however. Web-based social networking requires engagement, as well. At the point when individuals converse with you, argue. Put aside time amid your day to followup with discussions that are going on via web-based networking media. These are discussions with potential clients, references, companions, and partners. They’re excessively vital, making it impossible to overlook.
One approach to remain up on every one of the discussions that are going on around you and your organization is to make a framework for tuning in. Apparatuses like Mention will send you a caution each time you’re said on the web, and you can depend on custom scans and email alarms for notices on particular systems, as well.

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