AMP Pages from Google Search Loads in Half The Time Now

Do AMP Pages from Google Search Loads in Half Time Now? Read the article to find out how new technology from Google will affect website speed and ranking

Google has made the announcement that AMP pages now takes almost half the time to load from Google Search. The company has reformed its system to increase the speed by two times in a just a year time.

Google states it is possible to increase the speed by making some changes such as reducing the usage of bandwidth from images by nearly 50% without compromising on quality and server side rendering.

A compression algorithm known as Brotli has also been utilized by Google through which the size of the documents is further reduced by 10% in certain browsers.

At the time of announcement, Google took the opportunity to highlight some of the benefits of AMP. At present there are more than 2 billion AMP websites on the internet across 900,000 domains.

A huge number of these pages, alsmot 340 million of them comes from Tumblr. This news was shared by Tumblr itself stating that it has almost this many number of AMP’d blog posts published on nearly 500,000 domains.

Twitter has also made the announcement that it will also be expanding its support for AMP pages to its iOS and Android app. At present, AMP URLs can also be shared through the mobile web client of Twitter.

It is highly likely that there will be an increase in the number of AMP pages in the coming future. This is because of the reason that AMP network is expanding to include more e-commerce websites.

New AMP advertisement is also being developed by Google through which new publishers can be attracted. This is because of the reason that previously monetized options was very limited for AMP pages.

Whether the support is expanded for e-commerce or not, but an announcement was made by eBay that it will be providing its support for AMP throughout thousands of more pages in here. The giant e-commerce company has claimed that it was already published more than 15 million AMP pages.

Amazon is also working to AMP remaining of its pages along with the interest pages and the name brand.

AMP is gaining popularity with each passing day and as major publishers continue to show their support there is no sign that it will slow down. More news on AMP is expected to come out next week as the company is making plans on how to project AMP for the next quarter.

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