A Guide to Create Sales from Facebook

Facebook was once one of the coolest social networking platform on the block, but no longer.

It used to be the number one place for tweens and teens to put out their angst, but no longer.

A statistics reveal that nearly 71% of all users on Facebook are 25 years or above.

And it may be hard to believe, that it is bigger than ever.

Another stats reveals that there are nearly 1.86 billion users on Facebook every month.

This number continues to grow and there is no indication that it will slow down any soon.



This data indicates that there are abundance of marketing opportunities.

According to industry experts, Facebook is one of the best places to carry out online marketing campaign.

The reason for this can be explained clearly, just take a look at the cost-per-click (CPC) of Google Adwords with that of Facebook.

The average cost of CPC for the Adwords search network is around $2.32.



When we take a look at Facebook. The average cost of CPC comes out to be $0.64. This number can be made still smaller provided we make some smart moves and do a bit of jiggering.

This simple comparison will be enough to differentiate which is more valuable and which should be picked up by online marketers.

The wide number of options that are available in Facebook advertising is also appreciated.

For instance, it is helpful in creating brand awareness, bring in traffic to the Facebook page, increase engagement and make an immediate conversion.

Everything depends on the specific goals an online marketer has and what they want to achieve out of it. Here is a look at the number of different objectives that can be fulfilled by Facebook advertising.



But, here is a read between the lines.

When compared with traditional PPC platforms such as Adwords, there are many things different in Facebook.

Putting it in different words, Facebook is not just about impressions or buying clicks. When utilized correctly, the sales funnel of Facebook is quite powerful on its own.

Lets take a detailed look on it.

It is All About the Approach You Have

Before we move ahead, you need to find answers to these questions.

What is your purpose when you log into your Facebook account?

Do you want to comment on photos, check out updates from friends and have a general view of what is happening in the network?

Did you logged into Facebook to make a purchase or search for a product?

In the majority of the cases it is found that people log into Facebook not to spend money, but to hang out.

Here is a graphical depiction that shows how people spend most of their time on Facebook.

As can be seen clearly, Facebook is mostly used to socialize than to make any purchase.

It is very rare that a person logged into Facebook or scrolled through the feeds on the Facebook with the intention to make a purchase.

What this implies is that if an online marketer is using Facebook to sell something that it is not the right place to do so. It is because the overall buying intention of Facebook users is low.

Unfortunately, many people do use Facebook for this purpose and they only end up being disappointed as their brand yield low ROI.

They will definitely get new followers, the engagement of their page will increase, but all this will not result in solid conversions.

The problem is not with the Facebook here. The problem is with the approach taken by many marketers as they promote their brand to those who are not really in the mood to buy.

One cannot expect that a cold lead will be so interested that they will take out their credit card and make a purchase. The market that is being targeted in just not in the mood to buy.



You cannot expect someone to make a purchase who is just in the mood to relax and socialize.

Don’t lose heart as everything is not lost here. The large number of people that are available on Facebook that do not have any intention to make a purchase, can still be coaxed to buy.

The secret for a successful Facebook advertising is to prepare a sales funnel first. It should be logical, sensible and should consider the fact that the majority of Facebook users are not in the mindset of ‘buy now’.

Here is a guide on how you can create your Facebook sales funnel for a successful advertising campaign.

Step #1 – Creating Segmented Content

to start things with, a different form of content will be required. This may include webinar, slideshow, info-graphic, video, epic blog post or eBook.

It does not matter with way is taken by you as long as the content is of high quality, relevant to the particular product being promoted and engaging.

You need to make sure that it is published on your website. Its importance will be realized when the leads are ultimately targeted.

To reach out to different categories of audience you will need to use multiple forms of content.

The approach of one-size-fits-all will not work in here as different people are at different levels in a buying stage.

Having different types of engaging content will make sure that there is something for every type of marketer whether at the initial stage of searching for a product or a warm contender ready with money to spend.

These people are in your funnel as they are exposed to your content.

Step #2 – Promoting Your Content to the Right Audience

It has been recommended that the content should be promoted to people who are already ‘warm’.

People who are already aware of your brand or have expressed interest in some form are considered as warm prospects.

This will mainly include fans on your Facebook and it may also include re-targeted list from your website.

You need to have clear understanding of engagement level and find out which content is bring you most purchases.

Lookalike audiences is a term given by Facebook for those who are similar in characteristics to present customers or visitors coming to the Facebook page.

The habits, interests and behaviors of these people are same as that of existing audience.



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