Are you Aware Facebook is Spying on You

Here is a new social media news that may surprise many of you.

There is no secret that nearly every social media platform such as Facebook keeps a track on the websites and links visited by you so as to provide you with better user experience.

However, this may not be visible to any of us as this collected information is not revealed by these social media companies.

But, there is a way out through which you can track back the results by making use of your Facebook account.

There are certain settings in your

Facebook account

through which you can have an idea about what Facebook knows about your political views, what type of news you look for or what type of food you like, almost to the extent of complete accuracy.

This information is acquired from what you clicked, shared and posted on Facebook.

So you must be desparate to find out how Facebook tracks your online activity. In case you are interested to find out the results of your online activities, just log in to your account, and click on settings and go to Advert Preferences.

Depending on the data collected, your preferences are catalogued under various headers by Facebook. Under each tab or header you can find a labelled box, this is what Facebook thinks you will like or liked in the past.

As Per Social Media News, Facebook Uses This data to Show Advertisements and Suggest Stories.


You can click on ‘More’ to learn about your political alignment and than click on Lifestyle and Culture from the drop-down menu.

You can see your social affiliations in this tab, regardless of whether you are Liberal or Conservative political alignments, whether you are right, left or center.

You can also explore other tabs to find out about your online activities and your interests.

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