9 Key Factors for Success at Facebook Advertising

Facebook ads have the power to deliver promising results, but they do not work like magic. Many advertisers expect unrealistic results from Facebook ads. They are of the belief that ads are easy way and will definitely give the results.

Facebook has many tools to make for a successful advertising campaign. There are, however, some reason which may these ads not as effective as they should be.

The Product Marketed by You is Broken:

Facebook ads will not save you in case the product you are marketing is a failed concept. This particularly applies when your main and only priority is to sell the product.

The Brand You Sell is Broken:

You may be having a wonderful product, but even that may be ignored in case your brand value is not up to the mark. Your message should be clear and articulate and you should invest in branding and logo . When your ads show a sloppy, unprofessional brand, people will not like to engage in it.

The Website You have is Broken:

Your product is wonderful and the brand value is great. But, the website you have is designed horribly and it is difficult for visitors to navigate through This is an important factor that has the capability to destroy your brand. Some of the features of a broken website is that they are almost impossible to navigate, have broken pages, is not mobile friendly and takes forever to load.

These are important factors that are very difficult to resolve. In case you are not affected by any of these factors look at some other reasons that can affect results of Facebook ads.

You are not reaching the right people:

Many advertisers are not getting this factor right, particularly the ones that are struggling with their marketing campaign. Only the interested market is being targeted and in many instances this interest market is far too volatile and it is often too difficult for marketers to define correctly.

Right People are Reached at the Wrong Time:

In case you are completely correct with your target market it is possible that they are reached at the wrong time. For instance, interest target is quite effective in top-of-the-funnel promotion, in place of promoting the product only. In order to build an email list it will be wise to target those who are coming to your website. You can increase your sale if you target those who have subscribed.

You are sending a wrong message to the Right People:

This is something related to poor copyrighting. In case your audience is not responding this means you are pushing the things too much. It is also possible that the message sent by you is not right, which is not giving you the desired results.

Adjusting Your Budget:

Whether too high or too low, budget can affect results in both ways. It is possible that the budget you have set is to high when compared with the size of audience. It does not make sense to spend nearly $100 in a day for an audience of only 5,000 people. The higher the budget and smaller the audience, the faster the budget will be exhausted.

Budget should be increased only when some results are seen, even in case there is consistency in audience size. Before moving ahead, build some amount of time at the budget you have.

On the other end of the spectrum, some advertisers don’t want to spend enough money to get measurable results. In case you are selling a product that costs $100, you will not get results by spending $5 in a day on Facebook ads. The sample size will be too small to have any effect.

In order to make a conversion Facebook requires volume. This means if you are using Facebook ads to optimize for conversions, you will only have one conversion in a day in case your budget is too low. You do not provide enough room to Facebook to optimize properly.

Making the Right Bid:

Facebook has the feature of auto-bidding. It has a system that adjust accordingly to reach the right audience at the lowest price possible. However, many advertisers get smart when it comes to bidding.

It is possible that you can be really successful with manual bidding. But, it is a risk and should not be attempted unless you are completely sure what you are doing. You will have low distribution in case your bidding is too low and the audience reached is of low quality. You will end up exhausting your budget in case your bids are too high.

Your Optimization is for the Wrong Action:

In case you want conversion, you need to optimize for conversion provided there are volume of conversions on your pixel. In case it is traffic that you are looking for than you have to optimize for traffic. The same rule applies when engagement is desired by you. There are other ways available too, but here too advertisers act smart when they should not.



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