5 Powerful Social Media Tips to Boost ROI in 2017

Social media marketing is a promising way to generate new leads and consequently increase the ROI of your website. However, a number of platforms and strategies that are mentioned on the internet are quite difficult to understand and implement. Given below are some effective social media marketing techniques for the year 2017. It will be easy for you to implement these techniques in your marketing plan.

1. Use GeoFilters and Snapchat Stories

The market of Snapchat has a huge potential. According to a stats, more than 100 million visitors watch nearly 10 billion snaps on any given day. You can get hooked to large number of people if you create your own geofilters and Snap stories.

Snapchat users can put different design or their brand’s logo to their snap photos. For your business or event you can create your own Geofilter for as little as $5. This method is not only cost effective, but Geofilters are a great tool to advertise your brand.

Snap Stories enable a person to show photos and videos to people who follow them on social media platform. This is a cost effective way to promote the culture of your company or even the launch of a new product. For example, a Snap Story was created recently by Pixar in which they showcased a virtual tour of the Pixar campus in Emeryville. They also showed interviews of interns who described about what they love about Pixar and why they become animators.

2. Target the Specific Audience on Facebook

The Ad Manager tool of Facebook has the feature that it enables you to create an audience based on your specific requirement. It has the ability to target audience based on Life Events, which is its one of the most useful feature.

The Life Events feature of Facebook enables people to let other people added in their profile know about a new change that has happened in their life by adding it to their timeline. For instance, you are running a bridal shop. When a change is made by someone in their relationship status to engaged on Facebook, it is added to their timeline.

Your Facebook ads can now be displayed to these people directly. It is quite obvious that people who are newly engaged must be searching for the types of services and products that is provided by you, this turn them to leads.

Specific audience can also be targeted based on recent behavior, interest, education level, relationship status, estimated income and more. By using these types of filters you can cut short the entire market to only those people who are more interested in your brand.

3. Make it Look Appealing

Visuals and messaging are very important when it comes to advertising on social media. You should keep in mind that the majority of the users are just running through a large amount of content. In order to grab attention, your advertising need to stand out.

The advertising displayed by you need to be pleasing and compelling enough that a visitor gets enticed to click on it. The advertisement should be such that it makes the visitor feel relaxed yet make him to stop for a few second and take a look at it.

You an take a look at the advertisement displayed above from Slack. It is a cloud-based communication service provider for the workplace. The advertisement creates an instant visual impact, and it is quite communicative as well about the product.

The marketing department of Slack is aware that many people at the workforce do not like sitting for pointless meetings. Knowing this, the advertisement created by them creates instant interest in their demographic, with less meetings and time saved.

4. Usage of Custom Hashtags

The basic use of hashtags is to enable people to find content that is based on a specific category. In order to get people interested in your brand you can make use of custom hashtags and encourage them to share the content further. It can be noted here that same hashtags can be used on different social media platforms.

An example here can be stated that of Marvel. Back in the year 2015, #MarvelHalloween hashtag was created by Marvel. The same hashtag was further used along with photos of Marvel costumes. It turned out to be a free advertising for Marvel and enabled it to enhance the engagement of consumer with their brand.

5. Forget About the Landing Page

One of the standard practices in the social media marketing has been landing pages. This trend has been changing of late and many advertisers have skipped this step altogether. The reason these people have been able to do so is the integration of call-to-action buttons in the advertisement placed on Facebook.

For example, a call-to-action button that says “shop now” or “call now” can be added which will direct the visitors directly to the desired page in place of going through the landing page. This way there is a reduction in the number of steps required to make a conversion.

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