5 New LinkedIn Features To Help You Find a Job

In case you are looking for a job, or if you think you require it to soon, I suggest you take a look at the five new LinkedIn features that have come out in the past few months. Basically, they are more like tweaks rather than any major enhancements.

Still, it will become easier for you to find a job or a side gig. Here are the improvements:

1. See Connections of Your Connections on LinkedIn

This has been said before and it is worth repeating it here. One of the biggest factor in finding a job these days is referrals. Your network are likely to provide you with the best referrals. “Connections of” is one of the new LinkedIn features which has made it easier to increase your network.

This feature will enable to see the connections of the connections that you already have.

The “Connections of” filter can be used by going to your LinkedIn profile home page and on the right-side bar there is “See Connections”. After that click on the “Connections of” filter and go to the profile of those people whose connections you wish to view.

As you find some interesting ones, go back to the original connections and if required, ask them if they wish to make introduction with you.

Note: In case you do not want that others look at your connection you can make the appropriate changes in the setting.

2. Streamline Notifications on LinkedIn

You might be aware of the notifications on LinkedIn that pop up when a colleague has a work anniversary or birthday and you have to extend congratulations.

These moments is a chance to start conversations with your connections and strengthen your relations. However, when your LinkedIn network increases, the number of notifications to be sent can be quite big.

The new customized notifications tab among the new LinkedIn features is one of my favorite, it is at the top of the home page. You can have complete control of your notifications with this tab. In case you don’t need any particular notification you can simply mute it or turn it off.

You also have the option to unfollow connections on LinkedIn that irritate you with their silly personal updates or political posts. You can still remain connected with them though.

3. You can get Quick Information with New LinkedIn Features

You must have wished to check someone’s profile on LinkedIn but didn’t wanted to give an impression that you have been stalking that person. The hover feature will enable you to learn a little more about a person who appears in your LinkedIn feed before you decide to click for more information.

LinkedIn feed is a section visible on the home page that enable you to view things such as recommended content and updates from your network.

You can see the number of connections you share (including some of these names) and complete LinkedIn headline when you hover on the name or photo in your feed.

You will not get a whole lot of information, but you will get a fair enough idea on whether you should know more about that person or not. It is an easy way to find out about someone quickly before send him or her a message or comment.

4. Give Profile Photo Makeover with New LinkedIn Features

According to a search on LinkedIn, profiles that have photo attract 21 times more views, 36 times more messages and 9 times more connection requests than those without photos.

These numbers make it clear that a photo is not just for show up. In case you wish to have more attention from employers and recruiters on LinkedIn, you need to have a good looking photo. The image that is used by you needs to be a professional one and should show that you are trustworthy, approachable and likeable. In case you use a bad one, it will have an opposite effect.

In case you are not able to hire a professional, you can enhance your profile photo by using the new editing and filter features provided by LinkedIn. No, wait, it will not remove the wrinkles and eye bags, but you can change the brightness and lightning which will make you look attractive, vibrant and quite possibly more youthful.

In order to make changes to your photo, you can go to your home page, select the edit pencil icon on your profile photo. After this you can re-size and brighten the photo as per your satisfaction.

5. Publish More Photos on Your LinkedIn Profile

When you post good content on your profile it will enable you establish as a thought leader in your area and will attract more recruiters towards your profile. In order to get the maximum mileage you should use images on these posts, just like the way you do on Facebook and Twitter.

According to data on LinkedIn, a post having images will get nearly 94% more traffic as compared to a text only one. LinkedIn now enables a profile to include as much as 9 images on a given post.

There are a number of ways to exhibit your accomplishments by using the new multi-photo feature. For example you can post photos of a recent product that you launched in the market or photos of an industry conference that you chaired recently.

It does not mean that you should post multiple images every time just because this option is available to you. One good quality photo is as effective if not more than six low quality images. This means only those images should be used that are truly professional.

Expect in Future

In the end it is worth mentioning about a feature that is not ready yet, but may make the headlines. A free mentoring service is being tested by LinkedIn. This feature will give professionals with a useful career advice.

This feature is being launched only in Australia and San Francisco and is expected to be launched in other areas in the near future.

In case the mentoring service is provided by LinkedIn everywhere, it will turn out to be an effective way for Gen Xers and boomers to build relationships and share their knowledge with younger people who are beyond the normal area of influence.

It will enable people to make a career switch as well.

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