4 Tips to Get More Sales from Instagram


Instagram has more than 500 million active monthly users. This number clearly shows that this social media platform is a promising place to attract new customers.

It is hard to believe that Instagram has become so popular even though it was formed just 7 years back. It has gone on to become one of the most used application since it became live in 2010. This social media has brought a big change in which people use their photographs of daily lives.

So why Instagram should be used for business and how it can provide the benefits?

The biggest reason is that the engagement rate of Instagram is higher than that of any other social media platforms.



This social media platform is quite volatile. A typical user on Instagram do not notice nearly 70% of the posts from the users that are followed by them. It is for this reason putting in more images will not bring in the desired results.

Relax. Here we will discuss some of the tips through which you can generate more sales by using Instagram. So, let’s begin!

#1 Create Better Images

The plain truth is that, Instagram is all about images. It can be easily said that this social media platform is based on this factor only. In case you are not putting in good quality images, than this is the first factor that you need to work on.

You are not required to be a photographing expert to accomplish this task. The smartphone you are having has a good enough camera to achieve this objective.

When you create images this is what you need to keep in mind:

• Pick one topic and stick to it
• You need to be consistent in your posting
• You need to be regular in taking pictures. Practice makes a man perfect! Remember
• Your editing should be kept simple
• Your aim should be to post quality image, quantity doesn’t really matter
• Shoot a given object from different angles and with good lighting

Clicking photographs is just half of the work, you need to enhance these images as and when the need arises by using the right tools. For instance, it is worth putting an inspirational thought over a wonderful picture you take. To achieve this purpose, you can make use of Adobe spark, Buffler’s Pablo or Canva.

In case you are short of ideas on what pictures to click and post, you can take assistance from a number of tools. For instance, you can take assistance from PromoRepublic where you can get a number of ideas from a variety of industries.

You can check out these Instagram profiles to get some inspiration:

• Dylan Furst
• Theron Humphrey
• Kyle Yu
• Cory Richards

#2 Start a Contest

One of the best ways to increase sales on Instagram is by starting a contest. This initiative will enable in making your brand more popular, increase the number of followers you have, and their engagement.

Contests can be started in three ways:

• Hashtag UGC (Submit a photo with a hashtag)
• Email gated (Send in your email to win)
• Like to win (People will just have to like your photo)

The most effective option is to use Hashtag UGC. It is something that is enjoyed most by people. It is because of the reason that people on Instagram are looking for ideas. Your contest will give them one more opportunity to add an image.

In case you did not get good results with the idea of contest, you can take a look at the contest started by your competitors previously. In case the contest is being organized on a massive scale, you can manage the content easily by using tools like Wishpond.

#3: Leveraging Stories and Videos

A new feature has been released by this social media platform and it is called Instagram Stories. Here you can post small videos and post it to your followers.

You must have uploaded videos as a feed, but, have you ever used it to your advantage?

According to a research conducted by Locowise in April 2015, less than 11% posts on Instagram are in video format. Still, they take away nearly 18% of all the comments posted on Instagram.

You can make use of these tips to get maximum benefit from Instagram videos:

• Proper lighting is essential to shoot any type of video
• You need to keep your smartphone or camera steady. You can use a tripod to achieve this.
• The product should be captured while in action. Make the video when a customer is using it
• Show what you have actually seen through your eyes. Try to capture the life cycle of a brand

#4: Provide Exclusive Information to Your Users

One of the attraction of following a brand on Instagram comes from the idea that we are an insider somehow. It is a common human psychology that we are motivated by an action with which we are a part of.

When not take full advantage of this factor?

It is not necessary that an inclusive information can be in the form of an exclusive coupon or discount. Things can also be offered in these manner:

• Contests only on Instagram
• Free products or trials
• Videos and pictures taken behind the scenes

For example: videos and images of its employees are frequently shared by Intel to showcase the ambition and dreams of their customers.


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