3 Points To Build a Competent Community Team and Strong Social Media Presence

Every company should take care of their appearance on social media platforms. Having a presence on social media is just not enough. A comprehensive strategy is required to create brand awareness, a strategy is case some disaster happens and a team that understands thoroughly all the basic requirements you have.

This article will highlight three factors that will enable your company to develop a competent community team and a strong social media presence.

Set Up Company Values Which All Employees Can Stay By

Whatever happens in your company is based on the values that are framed by the company. Some of the things that will be affected by these values include – how the employees are treated in the company, who is hired, how teams will work together, how customers are treated and how employees have been asked to behave while they are on duty.

Any decision that is taken by the employee should reflect the value framed by the company.

Why is it important? Why you need to be concerned about it?

The above two questions can be answered in two words and that is “brand continuity”.

All the customers that approach your company should be treated in the same manner regardless of how they approached you.

For example: a company has a wonderful social media customer service team. They have an outstanding attitude and are consistently helpful. But, in case a customer decides to contact the company directly and he converse with someone who is not really helpful or kind. In the middle of all this the customer is offended. What will be the outcome here?

The easiest and often used place to put out frustration for these customers is Internet and within no time the person will move online and put bad feedback for the company. May be, the person goes to social media platform and the team present there will have to try and resolve the issue.

It is also possible that the customer may make a video of his feedback and post it on YouTube. This is something that actually happens. The other means he can use to put out his frustration is by writing article with bad reviews or call the news media people. This is something getting into online reputation management that no company will want to get into.

All these issues can be avoided by setting up values in your company which will be followed by all the people attached and working for your company. It should be noted here that, establishing values and setting expectations will define consistency in the company for a long time to come.

Regardless of much time passes or the number of employees come and go in the company, the values of the company remain there forever.

Hire Employees According to Company Values

Any person who is hired in the company should be in synchronization with the values of the company. In case they do not than they will not be able to make a good representation of the company brand. In the present times, there is division in values, so this decision should be made very carefully. Interviews should be challenging and a prospective employee need to be searched well.

When a company searches for the right candidates, they should move ahead than just going through the social media profile of these people. Look thoroughly into the conversation these people do on their social media profile.

You should not just take a look at the tweets but also at the replies they have sent on tweets made by others. How do these people behave when they realize that their comments cannot be seen by everyone?

Find out the date when these people left their last company and search for the comments and tweets these people made after that date. Check the conversation they had with their friends on Facebook.

During the time of interview, put them in different situations and find out what things they find offensive, such as shares on social media and following. In case they are not able to explain these things clearly than it is possible that they may be not suitable for the company.

A Disaster Protocol Should Be in Place

No company wants disaster to happen, but it is something that do happen. Servers do go down and even websites are hacked. High-level, long time employees are searched and arrested and they become news headlines. All these things do happen.

Every company needs to have a plan or strategy in place to react to eventualities that can and do happen in any organization. Situations like these can be handled effectively by your social media account as and when they happen.

The social media account of your company is nothing short of a guardian of your brand. They provide adequate protection to your company values and brand.

Write down as to what all can happen in various situations. What departments you will need to contact in which situations? Do you want to get things recorded or documented in such situations? Here are some points to start things out:

• User Error
• Complaints
• Crisis Management
• Trolls
• Website issues
• Billing issues
• Support / Requests / Questions / Help / Suggestions
• Avoid sharing personal information

You can involve your employees to come out with ideas on what can be done in crisis situation. Every department will have a different view point of a particular crisis situation and how they can respond to it.


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