3 Important Changes Made by Google in AdWords

Google AdWords has come out with three new improvements for the Dynamic Search Ads (DSA), with the objective of making them more effective than before. Here is what has happened new.

Page Feeds

The feature of page feed will allow the advertisers to display the exact URLs that will be use in the Dynamic Search Ads. This will make sure that only those products or services that are most relevant are visible to the customers by way of the DSA campaigns.

This feature will work by providing Google with an update of the things that you really want to promote and the landing pages that are associated with it. Only on the basis of the URLs that are provided by you, that the Dynamic Search Ads will be generated, provided that the campaign has been set by making use of the URLs that are for page feed only.

Expanded Dynamic Search Ads

Expanded text ads will now be supported by DSA campaigns soon. This means that more information will be provided by your product or service as the advertiser will be able to provide longer descriptions and headlines. It is expected that this new feature will roll out in the next month.

More Relevant Ads will be Shown by Default

Google is making changes to make improvements in the overall effectiveness of the campaigns run through DSA. This will show ads that are more relevant.

For example, in case you are running a confectionery business in Palm Springs, the advertisements run by you should only be visible to people who are searching for bakery products in Palm Springs.

According to latest update from Google, an increase in conversion rate along with a decrease in CPA has resulted with these new changes for many advertisers.


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