3 Effective Strategies for Link Acquisition

In our previous article on link acquisition we take a look at some of the ways to be effective in this field. Here, in today’s blog, we take a look at some more factors that will make you more effective in the field of link acquisition.

The first factor is that of content, as many digital marketing people seems to care less about it.

When it comes to big brand, they must be probably right somewhere. Consider an example that your email id is XYZ@redbull.com.

Most people will respond to a mail from this id just because it is from RedBull. As a big brand name, you can use this feature to your advantage.

There are endless number of things to talk about on content. Here, only two rule of thumb are picked for content creation:

  • Will you share the content created by you on your social media channels? If not, then you should go back and make it better.
  • Search for the main keyword phrase this content will appear for. If your content better than the top three results? If not, then go back and make your content better.

When you fulfill the above two factors, it will be time to move on the next promotional strategies.

Email Outreach

Creating an email template is important here. In case your email plainly says “hey look at my content”, than in all likelihood very few people will take a look at it. Due to this reason gifographics or infographics are being attached to content. It is a tried and tested way to add value.

Things can be really different when we try to add value through content and depends on case-by-case basis. Some templates give the liberty to add content to the post. They will get unique content this way, bit it cannot be scaled.

You should check if this type of content is preferred more often. You can add them to newsletter to develop new relationship. It is not necessary that all link acquisitions will occur in the first email. Depending on the brand and content it takes time.

When you are sending out email, the value that is provided by your brand should align with the brand value of the target.

In an email is sent by Red Bull to a smaller blog which tells them about the latest happening. There is high probability that this email will be shared on their social media channels or also on their website.

Now when a similar kind of mail is sent by a some company called “Blue Drink” than the chances of getting social media shares or any back links will be much lower.

Same tactics is used for newsletter, social media marketing & advertising and display advertising as the one used in infographics and gifographics.

Long form content is quite effective in SEO. However, it requires a lot of hard work and some cleverness as well.

Link Acquisition for Small Brand

There are a unique set of drawbacks and benefits in being a small brand such as the one mentioned above “Blue Drink”. It is easier to develop and promote content (less requirement for approvals), but the responses and opportunities will not be as good as that of a big brand.

The fact is that your brand is small and very few people are aware about it. Most people are not interested to associate themselves with you. In order to be effective in link acquisition a small brand need to be thought leadership in nature.

It is important to decide where you want to be a thought leader. Starting out in a big area such as “entrepreneurship” will not be sensible. You should pick up a small niche if you wish to be a thought leader and work your way up.

When you pick up your niche, you should make sure that it is not shallow, as there will not be many place to develop relationship. There should be a balance between picking a specific niche and have enough people who are looking for it. Once you have sorted out the problem of niche, you can then move on to the next stage of making the link acquisition strategies more effective.


a powerful tool in getting relevant link is Podcasts which connects back to your website and it has been seen that they get numerous social media shares.

Make a podcast by discussing about your agency and what sort of information you will provide. Someone will reach out to you and discuss their own tactics, and in all likelihood will share your podcast with their followers. This is an effective technique in case you are working for a company that wished to be seen in future as a thought leader.

This is something quite easy to implement. Write down about the focus area of your and some of the topics that you want to cover and then search for it on google. For example, in case you want to develop your digital marketing agency, than you should look for “podcast growing agency” on Google.


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