3 Big Tips to Regain Your Lost SERPs

In the world of digital marketing there is no room to rest for SEO people thanks to the ever changing market. Use 3 Big Tips to Regain Your Lost SERPs

The work of SEO people can be very tricky. The ranking of a website can be highly volatile. It may be giving promising results in terms of CTR and traffic, and it may drop of the scene in just one night.

Is it a manual report or a Google update? Is there a problem with my developer? Is it because my content has been plagiarized? Have I lost backlinks?

An immediate drop in the ranking of a website can be due to various reasons, from a hacked website to a poorly written content.

It is a matter of self-esteem for a SEO professional in case the ranking of the website drops in front on his eyes, and I as an owner of a website has experienced it first hand.

In case you are not able to drive traffic and increase SERPs, than you need to check back your SEO expertise.

Here are 7 Important Steps that have been elaborated by me for SEO ninjas who have just started out in this trade. These tips will help you overcome drop in website ranking. Let’s plunge in.

#1 – Check for Penalties in Manual

The first step is quite easy to understand and implement. You will receive a note in webmaster tool when your entire site or a specific page is penalized. It can be like this one:



The above example makes it clear that Google is quite clear on why this manual penalty has been imposed. It will not be a problem for you to find out why the de-indexing happened or why the ranking of your website went down.

However, this is just the first part. The bad news is, it will be very difficult to get rid of manual penalties. An easy way out is to delete the pages that have been penalized. This strategy is effective when the website is affected by a Pure Spam penalty.

In case you have not received any message in your Webmaster Tools, you are left with only two other options:

• The Google algorithm has been updated
• You or someone in your team might have something to do with drop in ranking

Let’s take the point of Google algorithm first.

#2 Find Out if Your Website is Not Affected by Algorithm Update

Before you take the step for complete overhaul of your set-up including off-page, on-page, technical SEO factors, it will be better to find out if Google might be the reason for the drop in website ranking.

Find the answer to the question: Was there any update in Google algorithm?

The answer to this question is very important. You may end up spending dozen of hours on useless work and thousands of dollars along with that.

Mistakes can be made by anyone. A single small error in the ranking tracker may result in this problem. On the other hand, your website might have been picked up by Google for rankings experiment. The answer may be hidden in an ordinary server error.




Locating the reason for ranking drop is important as it has the potential to ruin your SERPs.

Here is how mistakes can be avoided:

1. Check out your Google Analytics
2. Find out pages that have experienced a drop in organic traffic
3. Check out the traffic that is coming to these pages
4. Find out if there is any similarity in the selected pages
5. You can make a list of probable reasons as to why your SERPs suffered

Once you are clear with why your ranking has dropped, it is time to check and compare the data on Google Search Console. You need to give close attention to impressions and clicks. It is worth noticing the average position for a selected group of keywords.

Find out how the targeted keywords perform in search results. You will get a clear picture of what is happening with the rankings when you check different phrases and keywords one by one.

Compare the results provided by Google search, Google Search Console, and Google Analytics. Your data can be assessed and analyzed efficiently by using the following tools:

1. Stat
2. Barracuda
3. Fruition’s Google Penalty Checker

In case there has been a substantial decline in Google Search Console, GA, and search results, a big change in algorithm might have taken place. It may be time to make changes in your SEO strategy. However, you should not rush with things.

Conduct an elaborate analysis before taking any step. It is possible, Google cannot be blamed completely for the fall in ranking.

You can talk to other SEO guys to find out if any changes have taken place. You can also check famous SEO websites such as Search Engine Land, Search Engine Journal or Moz Blog to find out any indication in change.

#3 Analyze You Backlink

Backlinks play an important role in the performance of a website in search engine results. Backlinks for trustworthy websites is important, which which ranking can drop considerably.

To find this out, you can use any these tools:

• Majestic SEO
• Ahrefs

The graph given below show the effect of referring domains in Ahrefs. You can clearly see where the ranking started to go down and its correlation. The results from Majetic and Ahrefs can be combined to find out all the problems in a website backlink profile. What you should be looking at are:

• There has been a link drop across your website
• A specific page or a group of pages have been affected due to link drop
• several related websites or a particular website has removed the links

Once the problem has been located, it is time now to analyze the pages that have lost backlinks. Check their visual elements, structure, content and so on. You should also make a list of pages that were linked to the affected pages of your website. You can take help from screaming Frog SEO spider tool.

Once you are prepared with the two list, it is time now to check the backlink sources. You need to find out why they decided to not link back to your website. Have they changed the URLs? Have they changed their content? Have they enhanced the structure or design of the website?



Once all the analysis has been done, you should work on to regain the backlinks that are lost:

• You can contact the webmaster or website owners and ask if they wish to link back again. (Possibly the links were removed by mistake)
• Convince webmasters or website owners by making appropriate changes in the affected pages so they can find the backlinking useful. (This strategy will be effective in case the links have been removed intentionally)
• Replace the backlinks that are lost (You will get help from link building method)

It is worth finding out here that the website is not attacked by spammy backlinks. This method known as black hat SEO has been very effective. Thousands of low-quality links are purchased by your competitors and they are pointed towards your website. This may degrade your linking profile and your website is ultimately pulled down by Google.

You should find out if your website has low-quality backlinks, this can be done by DA and SPAM Score. You may see a lot of work in changing the backlinks, but it is something that cannot be ignored. It is important to keep working on the backlinks, until you get back the desired results. This is something that need to be worked on fast.



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